Where to Get Tail Exchange Coupon in Dragon Nest SEA?

Last January 15, 2013, Cherry Credits released a new game patch which they called the 450 Mark. It includes a lot of major updates in game even unexpected bugs as well. Along with it, they also put up an event which they call Happy New Ears and Tails.

The event simply rewards players by logging-in every day. Here is the list of rewards:

1. 1x New Ear Gift Box + 2x Fortune Cookie each day

This is the reward for logging-in for 10 consecutive days. Note: If you miss to login in a day, the count will be reset.

2. 1x Special New Ear Gift Box + 3x Fortune Cookie Pouch* each day

This is the reward that you can get starting from your 11th consecutive login until the 20th.

3. 1x Super Special New Ear Gift Box + 4x Fortune Cookie PouchYou can get this reward on your 21st consecutive login.

*Rewards are sent via mailbox. Ears aren’t permanent. Those items have expiration.

You might notice as well that there’s a new event quest that can be acquired from Events Planner Irine. As per instruction, you need a Tail coupon to exchange it with a free tail. There are 6 types that you can choose from but all of it has the same stat (+1% Phy/Mag dmg). You can pair it up with the free ear that you got as well to get additional stat bonus.

Events Planner Irine
You might wonder where to get that Tail Exchange coupon. Do you need to hunt? Actually, you can get it through the New Ear Gift Box. The box contents are random right? Just make sure to login everyday then open the new ear gift box until you get a Tail Exchange coupon. After that, go to Events Planner Irine and exchange it for a free tail (good for 15 days).


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