Where to Get Weapon of Darkness Exchange Coupon?

You might have seen the new NPC (Non-Player Character) in Dragon Nest SEA called Merchant Paniah. It is brought in-game through the recent game patch version 93 released last April 2, 2013.

The New NPC, Merchant Paniah, is located beside Events Planner Irene in town (Lotus Marsh, Saint Haven, Calderock Village, Mana Ridge or Prairie Town). It sells two types of weapon costumes plus secondary weapon costume per class. You can only view and purchase items available for the specific class you are playing. Let’s say Academic. Only weapon costumes for Academic class will be shown on Darkness Weapon Store window. Talk to Merchant Paniah (Q key) to be able to access the Darkness Weapon Store.

To get a Dark Weapon item, you need ONE Weapon of Darkness Exchange Coupon. But, where exactly can you get it?

If you’re lucky enough, you can get Weapon of Darkness Exchange Coupon by opening Altea’s Gacha Box. That’s right! You cannot get it from quests or loot it from mobs’ drops. If you are too eager to get that coupon and exchange it with weapon costume, start spending Cherry Credits or Gold for Altea’s Gacha boxes (available for purchase in Trading House).

System announcement that someone got Weapon of Darkness Exchange CouponCherry Credits did not make a further notice as to when the event will end. So hurry and grab your dark weapon today!

Merchant Paniah in Mana Ridge, a town in Dragon Nest SEA.

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