25 Jul

PLDT DSL Plan 999 Gets Speedy, Now Up to 3Mbps

PLDT, the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines, is proud to announce that DSL Plan 999 speed is now upgraded to 3Mbps from the original speed of 1 Mbps.

Last year, PLDT increased the speed of the said plan as well to 1.5 Mbps. Therefore, this is already the third time that they are upgrading it. They increased it by 100%.

PLDT High-Speed Plan 999 up to 3Mbps

The new PLDT DSL Plan 999

This speed boost is part of their commitment to bring more speedy DSL connection to their subscribers.

PLDT started rolling out the upgrade to all active Plan 999 subscriptions though they did not mention a specific time frame for completion. As per company’s advice, the upgrade is being done by batch. Subscribers are advised to monitor their connection speed through Speedtest.net from time to time.

Current Plan 999 subscribers don’t need to manually request an upgrade as PLDT does it automatically on their end.

The upgrade is free. Subscribers will be billed the same monthly plan cost of PHP1690.74 including tax.

Here’s the break down of fees:

Residential line service charge – PHP617.63
MyDSL Plan – PHP891.96
12% VAT – PHP181.15
TOTAL: PHP1690.74

This is also applicable to new subscribers.

Plan 999 is Now Up to 3Mbps

To summarize, Plan 999 now includes unlimited DSL connection up to 3Mbps plus phone service with free PLDT to PLDT NDD calls for 12 months. Unlimited local calls are included as well.

It comes with free WIFI modem and free installation.

Plan 999 is optimized for online gaming, video streaming and video chat.

For first-time customers, a 12 month lock-in period will apply.

PLDT accepts online applications in their website. Applicants just need to attach a scanned copy of one valid ID in their application.

Only these type of IDs are accepted: TIN, SSS, Passport, GSIS, Postal ID, Voters ID, Drivers License and UMID

19 thoughts on “PLDT DSL Plan 999 Gets Speedy, Now Up to 3Mbps

  1. We’re using the Plan 990 which is 1mbps, but we pay 1,100php monthly. If we upgrade to plan 999 (3mbps), is it consistent that we are going to pay 999/month, or there will be additional fees/month?

    • From the day of application, it might take two or three weeks, a month or a couple of months. PLDT don’t follow their schedule based on my experience. I believe a lot of customers are complaining about it as well. You’re lucky if they install the service within three weeks which is the standard completion time frame. Your best bet is to apply through authorized agents. They process applications fast.

  2. i am experiencing a problem in pldt,last week my 999 plan w/c has a 1.5mbps speed was automatically upgraded giving me a 3mbps speed,now today,it lowered down to 1.2mbps or so,does this have a fair usage policy?im experiencing slow internet yesterday till today

    • You’d rather contact Technical Support and let their on-field technicians check it.

      I’d never heard that there’s a fair usage policy on PLDT’s unlimited offers. Neither mentioned in the terms and conditions.

  3. What if im subscribe to plan 1299 and i want to upgrade it to plan 999. How much would it be and what will be my monthly charge?

    • I did that one year ago. It’s free ‘that time’. Not sure if PLDT is now charging an upgrade fee though.

      No lock-in period since I didn’t purchase the WIFI modem that they are offering.

      Also, just a tip, if you upgrade to 999 and you cancel the service, you need to surrender the modem which is originally yours with Plan 1299. That’s the drawback of upgrading to a non-bundled DSL package.

      I battled it out with PLDT before but they reiterated that the service was upgraded thus the equipment is no longer mine though I paid for it which really makes no sense for me. I should have gotten a courtesy refund.

      How much will be my monthly charge?
      Please check the bill computation in the post. That’s the standard monthly bill for Plan 999. The first bill of course will be higher if there is a pro rate charge.

      • is this the same…. i saw in the pldt site that if your on plan 1299 just add 350 per month and my speed will be 3x faster….so my 1mbps will become 3 mbps…is this right?

        • Is your connection still 1mbps? They already upgraded 1299 to 2mbps. Anyway, if your net speed is still at 1mbps, yes, it will increase to 3mbps when you upgrade to Plan 999.

          Regarding the charge, yap it’s almost the same.

          Your Current Plan Monthly Cost – 1299
          Additional Monthly Fee (for 999 non-bundled plan) – P350 x 12% VAT = P392
          TOTAL: P1691

          • i saw that plan 1299 is now at 2mbps but my speed is still 1 mbps…is this speed upgrade for new subscriber only or all subscrber of plan 1299?

  4. excuse me, if i would apply for this plan. how much would it cost me during installation and the preceding months ? currently i dont have internet at home.

    • Installation is free as per PLDT website but as per customer service, the installation fee for Plan 999 is P1,100 which is a straight cash payment.

      WiFi modem is free.

      The standard monthly charge for Plan 999 is PHP1690.74 (tax inclusive). The first bill might be higher due to pro rata charges (depending on the installation date)

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