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Where to Find LBC Tracking Number?

If you sent a package through LBC, you can easily track your shipment using LBC tracking number provided in the receipt.

There are various ways to track your shipment but the most conventional way is by using LBC’s track and trace online web tool. You can get access to it in this link.

There are two types of service that you can track in the online web tool: Cargo (Package) and Cash Remittance.

In this tutorial, we’ll just mainly focus on tracking LBC shipments.

Find LBC Tracking Number

First, let me show you where to find exactly the LBC tracking number in a receipt. See image below for your reference.

LBC Tracking Number

LBC Tracking Number

By default, LBC tracking number is located below the bar code. It consists of 12-digit numbers and it usually starts with number one.

That’s the only thing you need to track your package.

Tracking Your LBC Shipment

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to track your package.

Step 1: Go to LBC Track and Trace online web tool.

Step 2: Type in your 12-digit tracking number in the box provided.

LBC Tracking Number

LBC Track and Trace tool

Step 3: Click Track then wait for the shipment record or transaction history to show up.

LBC updates the status of your shipment real-time starting from the day it was accepted until delivery completion. Remember, the standard delivery time frame for local shipments is one business day (Mondays to Saturdays).

Extra Tip

Aside from LBC track and trace tool, you can also track your package by posting an inquiry in LBC’s Official Facebook page, Twitter or by calling their contact center at 858-5999 (NCR) or 1-800-10-8585999 (Provincial). These are great tracking alternatives if track and trace tool is down.

It is possible to track your shipments as well via SMS. Here’s the syntax:

LBC<space>STATUS<space><tracking number> and send it to 2910

PHP2.50 will be charged to your airtime balance if you are Smart or Globe subscriber.

For Sun subscribers, a charge of PHP2.00 will apply.

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    • Not sure what to do. Try to call LBC kasi sa website nila wala namang option to search tracking numbers. Maybe their customer service will have a way to find it out for you

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