New Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (May, 2012)

Recently, Samsung released updates for both Kies and Samsung Galaxy Y firmware. You’ll get the firmware update unless you update the version of Kies also. I believe Samsung is really pushing users to always update it. Now, let’s see what does the new firmware (PDA:LE1 / PHONE:LE1 / CSC:LD2 (SMA) include:

What are the changes?

1. New widgets and icons (Samsung Update and Google Play Store)

2. New options for Firmware Update (Menu – Settings – About Phone – Software Update)

Clear Guide to Update Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y Firmware Check out the latest firmware update in The Philippines

Here’s a guide on how to upgrade the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Young to the latest version via Samsung Kies:

1. Connect your device using the USB Cable to your PC and then open Samsung Kies.

2. After Kies identified your device, Click Firmware Upgrade button. It is normal if you see connection to the device lost error message in the lower right hand corner of Kies after clicking the Firmware Upgrade button.

3. In Firmware Upgrade pop-up window, read thoroughly the things that you need to do before you proceed with the upgrade. Select whether you allow Kies to save your Phone number, PC hardware specifications and IP Information on their server for any upgrade issues analysis.

4. Click Start Upgrade button.

5. Let Kies download the upgrade components. Don’t attempt to disconnect your phone during this process. This will take time depending in your internet download speed.

6. After it downloads, it will automatically run the upgrade on your Samsung Galaxy Y.

Tip: If the installation didn’t go through after Kies downloaded the update file, try to plugin the USB cable to the other USB hub in your pc or laptop.

7. After the upgrade process, there should be a prompt in Kies that the upgrade was successfully completed. It is now safe to disconnect the device from the USB cable.

43 thoughts on “New Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (May, 2012)

  1. Galaxy Y Never ever get 4.04 ICS… Because Galaxy Y dn’t hav much memory storage…. The change when you get update via OTA is =
    1. Unlock mode change….
    2. (Maybe) decrease the lag… :D
    3. Don’t know..:D
    But the update is much….. :'(
    Maybe five to seven…
    Good bless all…

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