Installing RAN Online in Windows 7 64-bit

Need help installing RAN Online? Are you getting a Script Error 159 in the game launcher?

I know a lot of players are having trouble running RAN Online in a Windows 7 64-bit PC because I experienced it as well. Error 159 is a headache. It prevents a user to log in to the game and, the plug-in pop-ups are so annoying.

If your computer is running on Windows 7 (64-bit), expect to be stuck in an infinite loop when you install the game.

Is RAN Online incompatible with 64-bit Windows OS?

The answer is no. The game will still work, however you must tweak the game registry, and use Internet Explorer instead to log in to the game. It sounds gibberish, but it’s easy. The guide on the following pages will teach you how to do it.

If the game client is already installed including the required software, please skip the next two sections, then jump to Running the Game.

If you are planning to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit, back up the game installation folder on a USB drive or burn it on a DVD to save time from downloading the installer again (unless you have a fast internet connection). It takes about 5 minutes or so to transfer the game client to another computer.

Download RAN Online Installer

Downloading RAN Online installer is now made easier with RAN Online Downloader program which uses Super Node Delivery by Reloaded Technologies. It speeds up and enables users to pause-and-resume the download which is very helpful. As of writing, the total installation file size is 1.87 GB.

RAN Online Downloader program can be downloaded from Level Up! website or through the game’s official website at e-Games.

  • Dexter

    Jay could you mind put the file name of Ran Online full installer so that we can download it directly?

    • Jay Hee Seo

      I don’t have a single installation file though. I download my copy through the downloader program. The file containing most of the game files is named MainFeature, and the setup file name is RANOnline_fullinstaller_ep9_1101_031114.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for this. It helped a lot. Was able to launch Ran now.

  • Michael

    Thanks so much for this guide, managed to get Ran Online to work ^^

    • Jay Hee Seo

      Not a problem :]

      • Onaj

        How can I use 32-bit IE if I’m using 64-bit OS?

        • Jay Hee Seo

          Internet Explorer 32-bit is preinstalled on Windows 7 64-bit OS. There’s a shortcut icon beside the Windows orb.

  • Winston Deciar

    can you fix “INVALID WEB ACCOUNT” send me the solution to this email address: and additionally can you add some pictures on it so that it can be easily followed. Thank You So Much. :D Best Regards to those who Solve this problem

  • John

    panu pag script error tapos meron pang lumamabas na pop up user account control sa windows 8?

  • harvey

    ah kuya pano i install ang ran ph?. nag gamegaurd error kasi ea

  • Rajan

    kuya ayaw parin gumana.. script error parin. may ibang paraan ka pa po ba kung pano masolve tong script error line 159?

  • chad

    thanks bro 3 days n ko nag repair ng pc reformat at ran ph install uninstall ito lang tumama thanks a lot talaga

  • marksbot

    use old laucher

  • jade

    this is my problem ..

  • jade

    can you help me with my problem??

  • jade

    can you help me with this problem??

  • jade

    why is that my ran online doesn’t work.? my o.s. is windows 7 professional 64 bit.. can you help me??

  • John Charlie Alagon Nicolas

    would you guide me in installing Ran online in a laptop with a Windows-8 OS?? or is it possible to do so?… plss inform me if it can be done.. :) i’ll greatly appreciate your help… thanks… just message me on my FB account…

  • sdad

    RAN2.reg is detected as a virus

  • trina

    it wont pull up ~.~

  • Glenn Catanus

    Can’t download the RAN2.reg file?

  • anthony

    whenever i click on the “Update start” button, it says

    Connecting server OK, data transmission succeed. and then

    Need to prepare for game has not been completed.

    and then it just keeps loading and loading but the bar wont move.
    it’s been loading for 3 hours now

    any clue as to how to fix it?

  • archie

    yeah why is it there is a need to install egames plugin then when you already did still didnt work. How can we fix this script error?..

  • ran123

    how to fix script error?

  • ran123

    how to fix script errpr?

  • Manny Santos Mallari

    what full installer ran do you used? is it 935/995/1020?? i need some other details regarding to your problem to fixed it.

  • Manny Santos Mallari

    fix what? may i know what is your problem?

  • Manny Santos Mallari

    hmm yes, it work on any o.s of your pc even in 32/64/128/ bit etc…
    install ran , add/used patches, install framework,,, that’s it

  • Manny Santos Mallari

    if you followed all this instructions and yet it doesn’t work at all.. pm me if you need help regarding to your ran problems, maybe i can help you to your problems. thanks

  • jeros

    same problem

  • rob

    i followed all your instruction, but it still the same. it wont pull up

  • ranadik

    after logging in it says “invalid web account” why is that?


    does this work on windows 7 home editon? 64 bit

  • please

    how to fix this?

  • Jef

    launcher won’t pull up

  • `Steeckers7

    What is the game launcher didn’t pulls up?

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