Rock of Blessing in Dragon Nest

Rock of Blessing, ROB in short, is a premium item in Dragon Nest which only three people can get it every after seven days.

The following are the stats bestowed by the mythical jewel.

STR – 100
AGI – 100
INT – 100
VIT – 100
Physical Attack – 10%
Magical Attack  – 10%

How to Get Rock of Blessing?

Rock of Blessing can be found within the Gold chests in any abyss dungeons. No level requirement! Anyone can get it regardless of level.

The system announces the chosen players who get it.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get it through hunting, you can buy the buff instead from any of the chosen players for a small fee. Normally, it costs 50 Gold (based on Westwood marketplace) but some sell it for a smaller fee. Some kind players share it for free too.

How to Obtain or Buy the Buff?

Players who hold Rock of Blessing usually go to a crowded place like at the Entrance of Garden of Time and Space to sell the buff.

You can easily spot them by looking at the glowing yellow light that surrounds them. See screenshot below.

Rock of Blessing

Rock of Blessing

Party one of them, request a trade, register your payment then confirm. Wait for the seller to cast the buff until you see the Rock of Blessing icon Rock of Blessing Buff icon appears below the MP bar.

The buff will expire after 24 hours.

You can check the buff remaining time by clicking the buff icon.

The buff activates in nests and dungeons only. It does not work in PVP.

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