10 Nov

Second Proof Of Payment from CPX24

CPX24 is really awesome. I’m only using a leader board banner ad from them and yet I’m earning pretty decent. My first ever payment was US$1.37 for 2 days and now I’m earning as much as $3.00 per 3 days and the payout is still every week. My last requested amount to be withdrawn was $3.80 and CPX24 sent it to my PayPal account only today. Here’s the proof of payment:

Second Payment Proof CPX24

Remember, in CPX24, you’re earning from each unique visitor of your blog or website. There’s no need for them to click the ads. The more visitors you have the more you will earn bucks. It’s a great alternative for Google Adsense. If you want to try CPX24, let me refer you: (Click the banner below)

Cpx24.com CPM Program

6 thoughts on “Second Proof Of Payment from CPX24

  1. hello i have one doubt to ask you. After adding the ptp code on my blog i have observed some times my site is redirected to some other site automatically. Even now also i observed when i opened your blog it automatically redirected to adf.ly site.

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