19 Feb

Create Naver Account [Updated]

I guess this is already the third time that I’ll be updating this post. The good news is Naver made the previous, and daunting registration procedure easier for foreign users. The registration form is now available in English. You’ve read it right! If Naver detects you’re using a foreign IP address, the form will be rendered in English automatically. So, no need to use translation toolbar or plugin. The text in the form is very easy-to-understand. It’s like you’re registering for a free email or Facebook account. Less work for me as well. Thanks to the new update! I won’t be translating text in photos anymore.

In order to register, you must have a cell phone number which is not yet registered on Naver. It is required.

Now, without further ado, here’s the step-by-step guide on how to register at Naver.com.

Naver Account Creation

1. Open a new tab in the internet browser then, go to Naver.com. Click 회원가입 (Register) link in the login box.

Register for a Naver Account

2. On the next page, click the first circle icon to agree to the terms of service. The other icons will turn green automatically. If not, click it one by one.

Naver Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

3. Click Agree button to proceed to the next step.

61 thoughts on “Create Naver Account [Updated]

    • Did you already create an account? If not, adding a birthyear in the English registration form is not possible. However, there is a workaround. Just change the language of the form to Korean or Hangul and use it to register.

      • I’m not sure if Naver no longer accepts registrations from overseas which I doubt. I can’t find a way to complete the phone verification. I’d been digging the customer service page, but their guides are also outdated. Let’s just wait for them to fix the registration page in the meantime.

        • Hi Jay, I was able to register an account with Naver, via an english registration form with only one problem. It asked me my date and month of birth, but not my year, and I’m finding I can’t access some content due to age restrictions. Do you happen to know if it’s possible to either change this?

          • Hi! There’s no way to change the birth date in “My Account” page. I think it will be updated automatically if you authenticate your account via i-PIN. If you don’t have an alien registration number or KSSN, then there’s really no way to change it. Perhaps, you can try emailing Naver Support, and request update of birth date. I’m not sure if they can do that. OR, create another account. Just make sure to change the language to Korean in the terms and conditions page so you will be redirected to the Korean registration form which is exactly identical to the English form. The birth year box is working there. You need to enter it manually. e.g. 1990. As per the phone verification, probably you can borrow a phone number from your sibling, or friend. They will not be charged though, and Naver doesn’t spam.

  1. Is there a Naver website in English language? Because I want to create LINE. There is no Naver website in English? or you can just show us how to turn it English? THANKS

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  3. I’m stuck at step 6. There’s a pop-up but I can’t see the ‘여기’ anywhere on the pop-up… I keep seeing ’14세’ so I’m guessing i’m underage?…

  4. Excellent information. thank you for sharing.
    I’ve been trying to set up a searchad account on Naver (as a foreigner), but am running into some issues. Is there any chance that you could create a similar walkthrough guide for Searchad.naver.com?

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