19 Feb

Create Naver Account [Updated]

I guess this is the third time that I’ll be updating this post. The good news is Naver streamlined the previous and daunting registration.

The sign-up form is now available in English. If the system detects you’re using an international IP address, it will be rendered in the said language automatically. Hence, no need for any translation toolbar or plugin.

Reminder: You must have an active cell phone number to register.

Creating a Naver Account

1. Open a new tab in your internet browser, then go to naver.com. Click 회원가입 [Register]. See screenshot for reference.

Naver Home Page

2. On the next page, click the first icon. The rest will turn green automatically.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

3. Press Agree to proceed.

67 thoughts on “Create Naver Account [Updated]

  1. Hi! I have a problem. When I type the code then click “Sign Up”, it says that “sign up is temporarily limited.” What can I do? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve already created an account, but how can I change my birth year? I need to access Naver Café, but it didn’t allow me until I verify my birth year. Please show me a way to change it as detailed as possible.

      • I’ve changed the registration form to Korean, but it’s the same as English one. There isn’t any blank space for birth-year. There are only 2 spaces: “birthday” and “birth month”. So what can I do?

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