Create Naver Account [Updated]

I guess this is the third time that I’ll be updating this post. The good news is Naver streamlined the previous and daunting registration.

The sign-up form is now available in English. If the system detects you’re using an international IP address, it will be rendered in the said language automatically. Hence, no need for any translation toolbar or plugin.

Reminder: You must have an active cell phone number to register.

Creating a Naver Account

1. Open a new tab in your internet browser, then go to Click 회원가입 [Register]. See screenshot for reference.

Naver Home Page

2. On the next page, click the first icon. The rest will turn green automatically.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

3. Press Agree to proceed.

86 thoughts on “Create Naver Account [Updated]

  1. Hello Jerry! I really need some help with registering on Naver. As you may know, Naver has updated their registration form, and I need an account to buy some things from artists abroad. I tried to register, but each time I would get “Sign up is limited temporarily. Please contact Customer Service.” I’ve tried reading through comments, but to no such luck. Customer Service is of no help either, and I’ve scoured Google for any answers. Nothing.

    I hope to hear your reply soon! D:

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t have a straightforward solution for that error. Already registered multiple accounts for the sake of updating this guide, but I haven’t encountered such. For real. -.-

  2. How long does it take to send the code for Sign Up to cellphone?

  3. Your instructions provide a good start, but you need to add an explanation of what the actual sign-up screen is asking for. Some of it, I could kind of figure out, but had to ask for help from an employee of the cafe where I am using the computer! And, like IMyMeMine above, I keep getting some sort of message in Korean in red type, which I am assuming means Sign up is limited temporarily, but I have no way of knowing! If you want your info to be complete and the most helpful possible, you should add the info in English for the last screen, including what the message “sign up is limited temporarily” looks like. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the input. BTW, what last screen are you referring to? Regarding the “Sign up is limited temporarily” error, I thought I already answered that question previously. Anyway, as per Naver, that has something to do with IP address. They did not clarify it they are blocking IP addresses or whatever. Their customer service is kinda vague about it.

  4. Why I can’t sign up? It always says that “Sign up is limited temporarily?”

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