25 Oct

How to Get SSS Employment History Online?

You can get a copy of your employment history easily through SSS website. You may use it for validation purposes let’s say you want to check the accuracy of employment history in your resume. Through it, you will also know if your previous company enrolled your SSS number to their employer ID.

Employers may also look at this info so they can conduct a background check. This way they will know how long you’ve worked in your previous employers. These are the only information that they can verify using the employment history record. Any other info such as criminal, financial, and education records are not included.

Now, here’s how to get your employment record from SSS (social security system) website:


Note: Only those who have My.SSS account may get their Employment Record online. Check this article on how to register.

1. Go to this link.

2. Login to your My.SSS account.

3. From the main menu, click Online Inquiry.
Social Security System My.SSS Main Menu
4. Go to Member Info tab and select Employment history.

SSS Member Info Employment History

A list of your previous and most current employers is provided in that page. You may print it if you want. If you have checked that your previous employer is missing from the list, you may call SSS for assistance at 917-7777 before you do any action.

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