Track EMS Package in The Philippines

There are various ways to track EMS package in the Philippines. The most conventional way is by using PhilPost’s Track and Trace tool.

Track EMS Package

To track an EMS package, go to PhilPost’s official website, click Track & Trace below the company logo. A new window will pop-up.

Enter the tracking number in the box provided.

As per instruction, you must enter the 13-digit tracking number of the parcel you wish to track. Remember, a standard EMS tracking umber is consist of 13 alphanumeric characters. It starts with two letters followed by 9 random numbers and it ends with two letters (abbreviation of the originating country). Here’s an example: EM123456789KR

PhilPost Track & Trace tool is used to track EMS package.

PhilPost Track & Trace tool

It doesn’t matter whether you type the letters in lower or upper case.

Click Find to start tracking your item.

The shipment status will show in the same window. If you get a ‘No Record Found’ error, first, verify that the tracking number you’ve entered is correct. Second, if your parcel was sent like two or three days ago, it might be that the parcel haven’t arrived yet in the Philippines. And lastly, bear in mind that PhilPost’s track and trace tool doesn’t update real-time. Even if they update the shipment progress today, there is a possibility that the record will appear the next day or a few hours after. So be patient to wait until it pulls up the record. You may track EMS package from time to time.

Alternatively you can call PhilPost directly to inquire about the whereabouts of your EMS package at +63-2-8543580 and +63-2-8544621. OR, send them an email inquiry to

Just to set your expectation, you might have a hard time calling them through their local numbers. Hence, you’d rather send them an email. As per my experience, I usually receive a reply within the day if I send an email in the morning.

PhilPost is open from 9AM until 5PM, Mondays to Fridays.

Extra Tip

You can also track shipments sent through Registered Mail and Air Parcel using Track and Trace.

If you get ‘The page cannot be displayed’ error, track your parcel instead from the official tracking website of the originating country or go to this link.


PhilPost website was revamped last September. To track your EMS package, go to the updated link provided above. Click Track and Trace below the  Search box then wait for the pop-up window to appear.

The website is best viewed in Internet Explorer. If you get ‘Only secure content is displayed’ warning, click Show All Content button.

  • Rizza

    Hi! Please help me track EE304612797PH. I sent this on April 11, 2014 to India. The tracking page of PhilPost can’t be opened. Thank You.

    • Jay Hee Seo

      “No record found” as per PhilPost. I tracked it in India Post tracking tool, and I can’t pull out any record as well.

      • Rizza

        It’s still early to be worried about my package not on a record, right?

        • Jay Hee Seo

          Updates are already available for viewing.

          • Rizza

            Thank You.

  • Mike

    Status like this. What does it mean? Thank You

    3/31/2014 2:44:00 PM Posting of item GERMANY
    4/1/2014 7:20:00 AM Prepare dispatch to destination country GERMANY
    4/9/2014 8:33:18 AM Receive at country of destination PHILIPPINES
    4/9/2014 10:39:25 AM Turn-over item to next office PHILIPPINES
    4/9/2014 3:18:28 PM Enroute to delivery office

    • Jay Hee Seo

      Package is forwarded to the local post office assigned to deliver it.


    why do I HAVE TO WAIT THIS LONG? please help me track my item..EE907083123CN I need an update record shows it arrived NOV. 9, 2013.thank you.

  • Maureen

    Philpost track and trace doesn’t work. :( Don’t know where is my Registered parcel now :( very disappointing.

  • Adam Baliguat

    Please, need help to update my parcel sent to Republic of Ireland with tracking number EE504239642PH.Can anybody from the philpost update your track and trace information so that we check directly into your web link.

    • Maureen

      your package has been delivered. you can track it here
      Destination Country – Ireland:Tracking Consuming:2980 Millisecond
      11-Oct-13 14:25, DELIVERED, DUNDALK, CO LOUTH
      11-Oct-13 14:24, ITEM IN DEPOT, DUNDALK, CO LOUTH
      Origin Country – Philippines:Tracking Consuming:2714 Millisecond

  • Jay Hee Seo

    Still in transit to destination country

  • Byun Baekhyun

    Please track this item from South Korea: RR456849156KR I was told that they sent it on Aug 14, 2013, but I still don’t have it. Thank you^^ xx

    • Maureen

      Destination Country – Philippines:Tracking Consuming:3322 Millisecond
      8/23/2013 8:25:35 AM, Enroute to delivery office, PHILIPPINES
      8/22/2013 1:08:53 PM, Turn-over item to next office, PHILIPPINES
      8/22/2013 8:10:40 AM, Receive at country of destination, PHILIPPINES
      8/17/2013 1:51:00 PM, Prepare dispatch to destination country, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      8/14/2013 1:54:00 PM, Posting of item, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      Origin Country – Korea:Tracking Consuming:890 Millisecond
      08:10 22-Aug-2013, Arrival at inward office of exchange, PHMNLA
      14:26 17-Aug-2013, Handed over to Air carrier, INCHEON
      13:51 17-Aug-2013, Departure from outward office of exchange, INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE, Dispatch number : 190
      03:16 15-Aug-2013, Arrival at outward office of exchange, INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE
      13:54 14-Aug-2013, Posting/Collection, DG.BOKHYEON, Posting office zip code : 702831 Transit or Destination country : PHILIPPINES

    • Maureen

      Destination Country – Philippines:Tracking Consuming:2574 Millisecond
      8/28/2013 10:24:06 AM, Dispatch to provincial office, PHILIPPINES
      8/27/2013 3:47:48 PM, Turn-over item to next office, PHILIPPINES
      8/27/2013 12:30:53 PM, Turn-over item to next office, PHILIPPINES
      8/27/2013 10:28:21 AM, Receive at country of destination, PHILIPPINES
      8/17/2013 4:15:00 PM, Dispatch to country of destination, CHINA
      8/16/2013 3:09:00 PM, Prepare dispatch to destination country, CHINA
      8/15/2013 1:55:00 PM, Posting of item, CHINA
      Origin Country – China:Tracking Consuming:1482 Millisecond
      2013-08-29 08:09:00, 菲律宾 PHZONE7, 未妥投
      2013-08-27 10:28:00, 菲律宾 马尼拉, 到达处理中心,来自中国 北京
      2013-08-16 15:09:53, 北京市, 离开处理中心,发往马尼拉
      2013-08-16 13:29:22, 北京市, 到达处理中心,来自长春市
      2013-08-15 19:18:24, 长春市, 离开处理中心,发往北京市
      2013-08-15 19:07:28, 长春市, 到达处理中心,来自长春市桂林路邮政支局
      2013-08-15 16:09:00, 长春市桂林路邮政支局, 离开收寄局
      2013-08-15 13:55:00, 长春市桂林路邮政支局, 收寄

  • Benj

    I need an update about my parcel sent to Lahug, Cebu : EE130546883CN

    • Maureen

      benj… your package detail is my other reply to byun.. accidentally sent there

  • Rochelle G.

    please check my package it has not yet received… CF206956687US

    • Jay Hee Seo

      Customs Clearance
      Your item is being processed by customs in PHILIPPINES at 1:09 pm on August 24, 2013.

      • Josie

        @ Jay Hee Seo…pleas reply to my comment. It’s me Josie

  • norlyn narciso

    hi,ask q lng po kailan mddeliver ang ems q kc po di alm ng nghulog n japapnese kung saan ttignan ang tracking# pwde po ba pkisend sa akin tracking number q NORLYN NARCISO po ng bayan orani bataan tnx po.

  • Josie

    I need a follow up for my parcel. It said from the last status that it was transit to the destination already. I went to our local post and it wasnt there yet…where is it now? Please give me some information for this parcel number EM995337855US. Thank u!

    • Jay Hee Seo

      PhilPost website is not updated but the parcel arrived here in the Philippines last Tuesday.

      • Josie

        How do i know if they already forwarded my parcel to the destination and how long is the processing before they forward to the destination? I need some information, it sent through EMS, meaning it fast and reliable but seems i dont get any update no more..I’m happy if u give me some information…Thanks

        • Jay Hee Seo

          How do i know if they already forwarded my parcel to the destination and how long is the processing before they forward to the destination?
          It’s either a courier will deliver the parcel or they will contact the recepient to pick it up instead. Regarding the processing time, it depends on PhilPost though the standard delivery timeframe for EMS parcels is within a week.

  • janice diaz

    helo po pa check naman po ung pending package ko kung napadala napo ba dito sa south korea more than 1 week na po kasi cp300271050ph

    • Jay Hee Seo

      No record found as per PhilPost tracking website.

      Also, I might be wrong but as far as I remember, tracking that starts with letter C is Air Parcel and not EMS

  • evita takahashi

    pls,check my pendinq packaqe EG258489490JP pls urqent important docoments

    • Jay Hee Seo

      8/17/2013 11:17:24 AM Item for Customs examination

  • leadolfo

    pls i need the phone number off philpost can u leave here the phone number coz i want to inquire @ i like to talk them wht they say about the package @ i like to know wht the status of my package pls

  • leadolfo

    pls wht the fone number off philpost cozt my package is not already delver my house i though door to door but up to now nothing plss reply

    • Jay Hee Seo

      The EMS contact information are provided in this article:

  • Mike Chua Liwanag

    Status of my package: EE301672712CN
    Urgent matter

  • Lovely

    Nakatanggap po ako ng Notice Card from EMS dito sa manila. Ang tanong bakit for pick up??? hindi ba nag dedeliver ang EMS???? Ano naman kalukuhan ito??? bakit sa ibang bansa door to door ang pag dedeliver ng EMS????

    • Gab

      Kaya nga, may pinadala din ako sa Pinas, I thought it was a door to door delivery system, turned out na for pick up. And until now, di pa nagrerespond ang Philpost if pwede na ipick up.

  • april

    please check my pending package EG229478194JP. please reply asap tnx!

  • Thea

    Please help me track this package fromAklan to Danao City, Cebu. Here’s the tracking # CC22240208523PH I don’t know why she was sending me this 15 digits alphanumeric tracking# instead 13 digits standard tracking number.. but she verified it there at the Post office, this is really the tracking #. Is this true?

    • Seo Jay Hee

      No record found as per system. The standard format is 13 characters.

    • kristel

      liza vera ba ung taga aklan na nag package sayo?? can i have your number?? kasi may binili din aq from aklan tapos di q ma track yung package q..

  • Jhane

    Hi! I just need help, my mom sent us package from US i was sent last may 7 and as I have checked on the net the customs already have it for customs clearance, I already called philpost trice but they said its still at customs. Can you please help me track my items this is the tracking number c
    w505599341us thank you so much..

  • Claire Maderazo

    can you please check as to where my parcel is? the tracking # is EE504416121PH.
    And according to EMS it is already in Dubai but why is it not being delivered “door to door”? what’s the use of giving you the whole address then I’ll get to know that I should collect it to the post office? and I was not informed as to which post office should I get it? which branch? which area? I’m getting pissed. been like waiting forever. I’m starting to have a bad impression on EMS. Sorry for that but it’s getting into my nerves now.

    • Seo Jay Hee

      August 4, 2013 7:14 AM EMPOST OFFICE – DUBAI, Dubai, U.A.E. Customer advised to Pickup Mail

      You’d rather contact EMS in UAE to know exactly where your parcel is. Think about it. Even if you contact EMS here in the Philippines, I bet they will advise you to contact EMS in Dubai as well. They know it more than EMS here in PH. The parcel was sent from PH to UAE. Now, EMS in UAE is responsible for delivering the item or at least inform you about your parcel’s whereabouts.

      • Claire

        It’s EMS’ responsibility to make sure that the parcel should be delivered safely to the client and not to the post office. and we all know that it’s “DOOR TO DOOR”. I was not informed earlier that I should be the one to collect it from the post office. Well if I was only aware that it will not be delivered to the address i have given, then I should have let it shipped thru LBC or DHL which has more reliable services than EMS. And it seems like EMS aren’t caring enough to value each of their customers.

  • AngeL

    Can you help me track my registered post tracking number RA726674043IT.

    • jon in palawan

      Have you tried the or (without and with the “i”, both URL’s display the same page) track and trace lately? It hasn’t worked for me for the past two weeks.

      • AngeL

        Yes.. I’ve tried many times :( but philpost track and trace not working..

  • jon
  • Alma Espinosa

    i would like to know if my parcel can reach me here in Masbate? it was sent last july 24th… from indonesia…

    • Alma Espinosa


  • maricel

    i like to inquire regarding my pending package..

  • ilyn balod

    i want 2 know f where my package is it is very urgent &important my trcking#is EE377881436AE pls reply asap tnx

    • Seo Jay Hee

      You can track that in EMS UAE website. I did but it says ‘No Record Found’

      Is the tracking number correct?

  • cora

    i just want to ask if you delivered my package tracking # is EE406585037CN pls rply bcoz i need ASAP tnx///

    • Seo Jay Hee

      2013-07-17 14:24:00 Released from Customs

      Did you check with your local post office?

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