Tracking a Package Shipped via LBC

Did you send a package via LBC?, or are you expecting to receive one?

Whether you are a sender or a consignee, you may track a parcel anytime on the official LBC website by using a valid tracking number.

Where to Find it

Example of an LBC Official Receipt

If you are the sender, you can find the tracking number below the bar code at the upper-left hand corner of the official receipt issued by an LBC branch. It consists of 12-digit numbers and it usually starts with one, for example, 179408040954. You may call customer service at 8585-999 [Metro Manila] or 1-800-10-8585-999 [Provincial] if you lost the transaction invoice.

Now, if you are the consignee, ask for a copy of a tracking number from the sender.

Tracking a Package Sent via LBC

1. Go to

Note: The site can be accessed on any device, for example a PC, tablet, or smartphone, connected to the internet.

2. Press OK if you get a pop-up same below. If the website asks permission to track your physical location, you may opt to decline, or simply X out the notification. Allow it if you will use other tools like cost calculator. Some of the page elements will not load if you choose to disable the tracker, but the tracking tool will still work.

Your default country is Philippines because you didn't allow location access or your browser does not support this

3. Click Track & Trace in the header, or the menu icon first at the upper-right hand corner of the home page if you’re using a tablet or smartphone. See screenshot below for reference.

Track and Trace tool

Turn to page 2.

9 thoughts on “Tracking a Package Shipped via LBC

  1. How can I know if my items is already delivered? Please help me. What to do because it’s almost 3 months have past, but there’s no item yet.

  2. How long can you start tracking your cargo? I sent it March 27, and after a week, I started to track it, but it says your number is not registered. I’m looking for an answer please. Thanks!

  3. pano po pag nawala yung slip na kung saan nakasulat yung tracking number?

    • Not sure what to do. Try to call LBC kasi sa website nila wala namang option to search tracking numbers. Maybe their customer service will have a way to find it out for you

  4. ilang beses na akong na scam.ngunit wala nmang action ang lbc.
    here is my no. 09993461412

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