PLDT iGateway ADSL GAN9.ET263-4

Accessing iGateway ADSL Modem

Need to access an iGateway ADSL modem from PLDT and tweak some settings? It’s easy!

Signing Into iGateWay ADSL Modem

First, the device to use should be connected to the modem via LAN [Ethernet cable] or WiFi connection. This is a must. Also, make sure it has a working web browser.

Any device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop PC can be used to access the modem settings.

To start, type in on the browser’s address bar, then press enter or whatever corresponding button is present on the device. After that, a page same below will appear.

PLDT iGateway ADSL GAN9.ET263-4 Login Page

iGateway ADSL Modem Web User Interface – The default and only available language is English.

To sign in, either use adminpldt or admin as the username. Use the drop-down menu to switch between the two.

Which one should I use? I’d rather not recommend because I’m not a tech savvy. I haven’t tried tweaking any settings on my current modem, though I did a few on my old Prolink H5004N. It was the reason it was busted lately, so I’m kinda afraid of messing up with technology and to pay again for a replacement. lol. One thing I noticed was there are extra features or tabs under adminpldt [correct me if I’m wrong].

Now, how about the password? Last but not the least, use 1234567890 as the password for adminpldt, while 1234 for admin. Easy, right?

To finish, just click on the Login button and presto!

PLDT iGateway ADSL GAN9.ET263-4 Home Page

This is the homepage of iGateway ADSL Modem under adminpldt.

Note: The model discussed in this post is GAN9.ET263-4.

Please take note that this post has been created based on my personal experience and to serve as a reference. Policy and procedure might change without prior notice.

For questions, suggestions, and comments, use the comment form below or send me an email by filling out the form at the right sidebar. Feel free to inform me of updates about the topic.


  1. By quasic on

    My bridge mode setup successful!
    PLDT iGateway ADSL gan9 et263-4

    Login using above info

    -> wireless
    disable wireless

    -> local network
    disable dhcp

    -> internet setup
    (2 rows)
    1. … “DHCP”
    2. … “bridge”

    change “DHCP” to bridge
    1. … “bridge”
    2. … “bridge”

    change laptop network card to assign ip address dyn

    ip address auto changes to public ip pldt 112.x.x.x

    Voila! Router now in bridge mode a.k.a. modem mode

    Connect now to your favorite commercial routers


  2. By Jickoy on

    Hello, I try MAC Filtering on GAN9.ET263-4, but the MAC I entered can still access the internet. Help me. I need this option but not working.


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