Activate Data Network on Samsung Galaxy Y

In Samsung Galaxy Y, you can activate data network easily by enabling ‘Use packet data’ option under Mobile Network settings however this is not the only setting that you need to enable to connect to the internet.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to activate internet on your Samsung Galaxy Y phone by configuring the necessary settings like APN and Network Mode (optional).

Activate Data Network on Samsung Galaxy Y

Configure Access Point Name

Access Point Name, APN for short, is a setting on a mobile phone which specifies the network to which the device will establish data connection.

Without properly configured APN, the device will not establish data connection.

Refer to your mobile service provider’s website to get instructions on how to create an APN manually or download it over-the-air for free.

You can google the right APN settings for your mobile phone as well. There are many online blog articles about creating an APN manually depending on your mobile service provider.

It’s easy to create an APN. Usually, you just need to configure the APN Name, Proxy Server and Port. Go to this link for an example of an APN.

You can create an APN in Settings – Wireless and Networks – Mobile Networks (Mobile Network Settings) – Access Point Names.
Mobile Network Settings - Data Network - Samsung Galaxy Y

Network Mode

Once you have the correct APN configured on your phone, you may now set the Network Mode to GSM/WCDMA (Auto Mode) or WCDMA only in Settings – Wireless and Networks – Mobile Networks (Mobile Network Settings) – Network Mode

Why enable WCDMA network mode?

With GSM only, the device will connect to either GPRS or EDGE depending on the location and signal strength. This connection uses less power and slow data connection speed.

On the other hand, WCDMA/GSM (Auto Mode) uses 3G or HSDPA connection if available in the area. Same goes for WCDMA only but it doesn’t switch to GSM mode automatically unlike Auto Mode if the device is not receiving WCDMA signal.

Network mode simply lets you choose your preferred network for faster data connection.

Enable Use Packet Data

Going back to the basic setting, turn on Use Packet Data option in Settings – Wireless and Networks – Mobile Networks after configuring the APN and selecting a Network mode.

Your Samsung Galaxy Y phone will now detect the available network. A data connection icon like H and E will appear in the notification bar.

If your phone is not receiving data connection after configuring all the necessary settings, make sure that you are subscribed to a data package or at least check the minimum credit required to connect to the internet (for prepaid subscribers)

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