AirAsia Cabin Baggage

AirAsia: Are They Strict with Cabin Baggage

Do they check a cabin baggage’s size and make sure it’s up to or under the acceptable size?

Even though flying with AirAsia is against my will, my friend and I booked our first domestic flight with them for a short vacation in the south.

We usually book our flights through Cebu Pacific, and since it’s our first time flying with AirAsia, we don’t have a clue how strict they are in implementing their rules. One of it, of course, is the baggage policy.

Our recent vacation was good for three days and my friend and I decided to use backpak. Mine weighed 5.5kg while my friend’s bag weighed under 7kg which is the maximum weight limit allowed by AirAsia currently for a cabin baggage.

The maximum allowed number of carry-on baggage is two. Both has individual size limit which can be reviewed on AirAsia’s website.

Both our bags meet the requirement and during check-in, the lady at the counter just put a tag on each bag. Not sure if she really checked the weight because she did not bother to look at the screen or comment about it and proceeded to give us our boarding pass.

One thing I noticed though was they are diligent in weighing check-in baggage and in computing excess weight fee which is hefty. We saw a lot of passengers that were charged the regular baggage fee.

Prior to us, we noticed passengers who were asked to pay first to check in all their belongings.

We noticed a woman prolly at 40 who stayed longer at the counter because she’s having a hard time deciding, and if we heard it clearly, she’s being asked to pay 7,000 pesos something to have all her belongings checked in until after the long conversation helped the total payment to go down to 2,000 pesos, though the other plastic containers she have where not checked in.

Our bags were not weighed upon checking in for our return flight. The lady just confirmed that our bags are for carry and we agreed.

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