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Amazon: What’s Import Fees Deposit

Order processing and delivery from the United States to the Philippines via UPS Worldwide Saver® service [AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping 5-10 business days] took seven days [April 5, 2016 to April 11, 2016] in total.

Order Shipment History

Order Shipment History: The box passed by two Asian countries before it arrive in the Philippines.

Final delivery was fulfilled by a local courier [Air21]. I haven’t confirmed though if they are one of the designated carriers of Amazon.

I did not pay any extra fee. I just signed to receive the box.

I didn’t have any problem with the item, so I gained confidence to buy electronic gadgets and items in Amazon in the future.

The only thing that made me curious for weeks after receiving the item is the Import Fees Deposit. I’m curious If I will receive a refund or not.

When the box was delivered, there was no attached paper about customs clearance, so I do not have a reference. Also, the courier did not give some sort of paper or document.

The questions now is: Is the paid Import Fees Deposit just enough?

A month has passed and I did not hope to receive a refund. I was surprised then when one day, May 28, 2016, I received an email from Amazon about a refund.


Refund Confirmation

Refund Confirmation

So, confirmed!

I only received a small credit [$2.95 = PHP125.16], but I was still thankful that I received an email from the company and I now knew how the AmazonGlobal program works.

It was mentioned in the email that crediting of a refund takes three to five days if a credit card was used to pay the order, or seven to ten days if a bank account.

It only took three days to have my refund posted to my account.


Import Fees Deposit is an estimate of the customs tax fees and import duties that will be assessed in the destination country.

Remember, imported goods are subject to tax and duty. There are exemptions, but it varies per country.

If there is an excess in the paid import fees deposit, Amazon will refund it. If there’s a deficit, they will not charge the difference.

Amazon processes refund within 60 days from shipment date.

* Refers to AmazonGlobal items only. There are items that marketplace sellers are selling which are not covered by the AmazonGlobal program. See example here of an order without an Import Fees Deposit. In this case, an order will be shipped by a seller directly to the shipping address without going through an Amazon warehouse and it is the receiver’s responsibility to coordinate and to pay customs fees and import duties unless the seller stated otherwise that they will take care of customs clearance.


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  1. By Anonymous on

    Import Fees Deposit works fine, but remember to switch off Amazon’s currency converter as Amazon uses a rip-off exchange rate. Your credit card company will probably offer you a better exchange rate.


  2. By Anna on

    Why did they not refund you for the whole import fees deposited when the item you purchased and shipped to PH is below Php10,000? Hmmm


          • By Abet on

            I have chatted with an Amazon associate also inquiring the need to still advance an import fee deposit if the cost of the item is less than P10,000 as this should now be exempt of import duty this year. They said this is still their policy and I was saddened by this reply as their deposit estimate was even twice than the cost of the item I was ordering and I therefore backed out.

  3. By Mahmoud Nagati on

    Hi. I live in Egypt and intended to buy a laptop from and pay by CC and to be sent to a friend in Germany (estimated import fees deposit is $224). I will collect the item later on and fly to Cairo-Egypt. How I get back the the import fees deposit? Thanks.


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