Arvixe Account Verification

Same with online shopping websites, hosting companies like Arvixe also conduct verification to confirm an account and prevent fraud.

In Arvixe, you can verify your account regardless if you have purchased a plan already or not. This ensures that there is no interruption of service most especially if you have already set up your website after receiving your Hosting Account Information via e-mail.

Arvixe Verification Process

There are two types of verification. The first one is Manual.

Manual verification requires a customer to submit a scanned copy of one valid ID and a proof of payment.

Arvixe Manual Verification
Manual Verification

For credit card payments, a scanned copy of the front side of the card showing the name and the last four-digits is required. The rest should be masked for security (recommended)

If you paid using other payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, or Google Checkout, you may chat with the billing support to ask the required documents for verification. They can help you verify your account quickly.

Alternatively, you can verify your account over the phone.

Phone verification is the easiest way to validate an account. The procedure is automated. You  just need to provide a working phone number then Arvixe will call it. A unique verification code will be provided at the same time. Key-in the code within the allowed time to complete the verification.

Phone Verification
Phone Verification

To verify your account through phone, go to Arvixe Verification page. This link will be provided to you via email after creating a billing account.

If the code is correct, the automated voice prompt will confirm the account activation then ends the call immediately. If not, you can initiate phone verification again and a new code will be provided. The same phone number can be used.

The code will appear at the top portion of Arvixe Verification webpage so keep an eye on the page when you received the call.

‘That account is already verified.’ will show once verification is completed. Refresh the page to see the confirmation.

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