Eject USB or flash drive option on Asus Zenfone Max 3

Asus Zenfone Max 3: Ejecting USB

Same with a PC which has an option to safely remove a USB after using, I also wondered if the same applies to a USB connected to my Zenfone Max 3. After viewing any files though, I just pulled it out of the charging port. 😂

I thought it may harm the flash drive. In fact, when I connected it to a TV afterward, the equipment suddenly had a hard time recognizing it. That made me look for a way to remove a USB from my phone “safely”.

After a few tests, I finally found the Eject option that I’m looking for.

I took time to find it under the File Manager, but I can’t really seem to find it, until it crossed my mind to check the notifications screen [the one that can be swiped down from the bar at the top of the phone].

USB or flash drive name

I pressed on the USB drive name, then swiped it down a bit to reveal the two options as shown in the featured image above – Explore and Eject.

After pressing the Eject button, it will notify that the device is ready to accomodate another USB and the previous one has been sucessfully removed.

Thought not same with the can-now-be-safely-removed notification in a PC, that’s when I usually pull out a USB or flash drive.

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