Jerry Pontillo

Jerry Pontillo is the owner, chief writer and founder of Aside from writing articles, he also loves to watch movies, play online games, read books, and sell stuff online.

What GPS or Maps App to Use in Seoul, Korea

Google Maps is what I recommend. Sounds basic, but it helps. I stayed in Myeongdong for 5 days and it helped a lot in navigating the city. It provided enough information on subway network. Thus, going from one destination to another became faster without further browsing. A friend recommended another app, however I uninstalled it…

Where to Buy T-Money Card in Korea?

For foreigners who just arrived in Korea, the place to visit and purchase a T-Money card is any convenience store such as 7/11, CU, Mini Stop, or whatever. They are available in local airports. As of writing, a T-Money card costs 4,000 Korean Won [around $3.00]. Card purchase is separate from top-up. There’s no minimum…

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