Backing Up and Restoring Samsung Smartphone Data

Before upgrading or doing a hard reset on your Samsung smartphone, it is advisable to back up first the important data saved on the device such as contacts, schedules, memos and etc. These files will be wiped out when you factory reset the unit or in rare cases, you might lose these data after upgrading. You can back up your data as well to ensure that you can recover your contacts anytime if you lose or break your smartphone.

Backing up data can be done easily using Kies, a free program designed by Samsung that you can use to update Samsung devices like smartphones, manage phone data, access Samsung Store and other services, back up and restore files and many more.

Kies is free to download at Samsung website. It is available both for Windows and Mac OS X.

Backing Up Data

Connect your device to a computer using the USB cable that comes with the original device packaging.

Open Kies in Normal mode (View > Switch Mode > Normal). Wait for the program to detect the device.

Go to Back up/Restore tab > Data backup. Select the items you wish to back up. The options are Contacts, Schedules, Memos, Videos, Music, Photos, Device Preferences and Bookmarks. SNS contacts synced to the device will not be included in the back up together with company emails. And, only media files such as videos, music, photos that are saved in the phone’s internal memory will be backed up.

Samsung Kies - Data Back Up

Click the Backup button after selecting. You will get a confirmation if the backup is successful.

For Windows users, the backup file will be saved in this path:

C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\samsung\Kies\Backup\Phone Model

Restoring Data

Connect your smartphone to a computer.

Open Kies. Go to Back up/Restore tab > Restore data. Select a backup file to restore from the drop-down menu. Select the items you’d like to restore or simply put a check on Select all items box.

Restoring Backed up Data through Samsung Kies

Click the Restore button when ready and let the program finish the job. Do not disconnect the device or turn it off during the operation.

Restore Completed

You’ll get a confirmation same with the screenshot above once the operation is completed. Click the Complete button to close the pop-up window.

You may check the restored files immediately on the phone without rebooting.

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