Here’s How to Go to Gigantes Norte from Bancal Port

You can ride a pump boat or a fastcraft.

A passenger boat ride costs no more than hundred pesos as of November, 2018, while a fast craft ride costs ~₱300.00. Choose the latter if you want to save time.

The travel time by pump boat is 2 hours while only an hour or lesser by fastcraft.

The schedule varies. There’s a visitor center in Bancal for those needing assistance.

To return to Bancal or Estancia Port, it’s best to ask the locals in Gigantes for the schedule.

☝🏾If you have an early flight to Kalibo, Roxas or Iloilo airport, and plan to catch a joiner tour in Gigantes (usually starts at 8am or 9am), consider the possible delay of your arrival in Bancal port.

See this sample itinerary and list of expenses.

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