BPI CC: Overdrawing Beyond Limit

Is there an overdraft fee in BPI?

That was one of my questions lately when I only had a hundred or so credit left in my CC account and I need to use it again for an emergency ride to a specific destination. This time I have no choice, but to overdraw beyond my limit.

Since I’ll just overdraw “a bit” XD, I took the courage to try and find out if there’s indeed an overdraft fee in BPI.

The answer to the question is NONE, “but” I’m not sure if there’s a penalty when overdrawing a specific amount, or if a transaction will be declined automatically if that amount or beyond is reached.

The maximum amount I overdrawn yet was 400 pesos, and there was no penalty imposed in the account.

I always make the account current after a day or the soonest whenever my credit is in the negative.

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