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BPI ETC: Cash Deposit During Weekends

Is this possible?

Yes, it is. Even on holidays!

To deposit money, locate and drop by any BPI Cash Deposit Machine which is usually located in a BPI office or branch.

The golden? machine has a label for cash deposit and a slot below the screen where cash is inserted.

A cash deposit machine operates 24/7 except if there’s a downtime or whatever technical issue.

Funding an account without a card is possible. The machine will ask for the card number where the funds will be credited together with the Joint Account Indicator [JAI] which consists of two numbers.

Accepted locals bills currently are 100, 500 and 1,000 pesos.

Old, so-so, or crispy paper bills are accepted though BPI’s machines are choosy too like others. 😂

Old and new bills are being rejected sometimes, so the machine is not advisable to anyone who will make a payment with exact cash on-hand.

Cash deposits made over these machines are credited real-time which can be checked online or via mobile banking.

A receipt is provided, but not available sometimes. The ATM issues! 😂

Cash deposit is free-of-charge.

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