BPI: How to Get a Bank Statement

Need a bank statement for VISA application, or for whatever purpose? If yes, read on.

What is a Bank Statement

It is a documentation which contains an account’s, say savings, transaction history. The more transactions made, the more papers needed to print it.

How Much Does It Cost

Actually, I’m not sure. 😂

PHP100.00 is the total amount deducted from my savings account when I requested a bank statement and certification last time in BPI Megamall.

If my memory serves me right, it’s the same amount I paid for my bank cert a few months ago. Prolly, the statement is free if a certification is requested too.

Again, I’m not sure. As per the website, if “from Bank Statement Unit” [what a jargon], the first three pages costs 100 pesos and there’s an additional PHP10.00 per succeeding page.

How to Get a Bank Statement

Just go to any BPI branch and proceed to customer service. A form must be filled out prior to processing.

Usually, a bank statement is issued immediately or during a visit.

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