BPI: Online Fund Transfer Crediting Time-Frame

Need to transfer fund asap to another BPI savings account online? Curious how fast the crediting is?

For the second-time, I forgot to fund my passbook account two or three days before the long weekend and the due date of my loan payment. 😞

Though it’s already Friday when I remembered, I transferred money immediately hoping there would be no trouble the following week. [crossed fingers]

PM’ed BPI’s Twitter Account

In the afternoon of the same day, I sent a message to BPI about my concern. I didn’t notice they replied until I checked my account after two days.

Here’s the response:

Online Fund Transfer Real-Time Crediting Confirmation

The fund I transferred from my ATM savings account to passbook was indeed credited real-time and BPI was able to auto-debit my loan payment the following week. 👍

Crediting of fund transferred to an ATM savings account from the same account-type is real-time too. Tried and tested!

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