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Passport is one of the valid identifications that BPI accepts.
Passport is one of the valid identifications that BPI accepts.

Here’s the list of requirements:

  • 2 valid IDs with photo and signature
  • 2 1×1 picture
  • Initial deposit – The minimum is 10,000 pesos.
  • A utility bill with a billing address printed on it

For reference, here’s the list of requirements I have submitted:

  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID [Submitted a photocopy: front and back, and presented the original for verification]
  • Passport [Submitted a photocopy: bio-page only, and presented original too]
  • Additional: Company ID [Submitted a photocopy: front and back, and presented the original for verification]
  • 2 1×1 picture [no preferred background color]
  • Initial cash deposit
  • My latest PLDT bill to support declared address in the application form [Submitted a photocopy: first page only, and presented the original]

Every BPI branch has a contact number that can be reached to verify if a certain ID is accepted or to inquire about opening a passbook account. The official website of BPI has a branch locator where anyone can look up a number to call. Check it here.

Documents ready? Just go to any BPI branch and proceed to customer service.


There are three or more application forms that need to be filled out to open a passbook account. It is much better to drop by to a BPI branch early to have enough time to fill out and sign papers.

In my experience, I went to my branch of account an hour before their closing time. The office was already closed, but they let me stay until my account was activated and my passbook was released after updating. Yap! Same day processing and release of passbook.

A separate form should be filled out to enroll a passbook account as a third-party to an EOL account. The processing time is within 24 to 48 hours. Once added, it is possible to transfer fund immediately.

Want to get a BPI credit card the easiest way without the need to submit financial documents? Find out here.


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  • December 25, 2015 – Added info about enrolling a passbook account as a third-party.
  • May 16, 2016 – Transferred post from to this blog. Comments were not migrated. Major post revamp.

Please take note that this post has been created based on my personal experience, research and to serve as a reference. Policy and procedure might change without prior notice.

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36 replies on “Passbook Account Opening Guide | BPI”

Hi! My father is a senior citizen and because a community quarantine has been imposed since March, he has not been able to withdraw his monthly SSS Pension from BPI in 3 months. Now, my father is requesting me to withdraw his monthly SSS pension, because under the GCQ, seniors like him are still prohibited from going out to public places.

My question is… Aside from Valid IDs and Letter of Authorization, are there any other documents needed by the Bank, before I can make a withdrawal?

Hi! I currently have a BPI Family Savings Bank account and the only thing I have is a passbook, no atm card. I have opened my Family savings account at Baguio City, Malcolm Square branch a few years ago.

I usually withdraw money at my main branch (Baguio) but am I able to withdraw money at a different branch (example: Manila BPI Family Savings Bank)? Also, can I get my passbook updated with them?
And lastly, what is the maximum withdrawal?

This is because I am out of the country and currently living abroad. I wish to visit the Philippines this year, and Baguio will be my last place to visit.
Thanks in advance!

Hello just wanna ask i have passbook account i wanted to withdraw all money in it is it possible ? there will be no charged ?

Update: I think I get the question. I’ll get back to you.

“Hi, If withdrawal in account will be done by a representative, normally, a duly signed withdrawal slip signed by the account holder authorizing the slip bearer, transaction regardless of amount, shall be presented to the branch officer, subject for approval. Thank you.” – BPI

Can I withdraw money from any BPI branch here in the Philippines using my PASSBOOK or not? Please answer me.

Hello! I have an ATM Payroll account and recently opened a passbook savings account. I also have an account on express online. I want to enroll my passbook as an additional account so I could monitor my savings and enroll it under Fund Transfer. My question refers to the number of digits of account number. It has only 10 digits while the express online system requires you to input 14. How to get around this?

Hi Jerry!

When using a BPI passbook to withdraw over the counter on BPI, does the teller ask for other requirements before I can withdraw like valid government ID, etc?

You mean it is possible to transfer funds to passbook saving, but it is not possible to transfer funds from passbook saving to other BPI account?

Are you still able to transfer from a BPI ATM account to a BPI passbook account right now if the passbook account is enrolled as a 3rd party account? If that’s a yes, how did you know this? No one in 89-100 seems to be backing up this statement so that’s why I had to ask you.

Hi Jerry. Is it possible to add your passbook account to EOL using Other Account option instead of Third Party account? I am tired of going to the bank. Hahaha… Thanks!

Hi Jerry: What if my payroll account is Union Bank and I want to apply for passbook savings account of BPI? What could be the other means so I can transfer fund to the latter aside from over-the-counter deposit? :)

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