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BPI Personal Loan Gone in Online Banking

Previously, my personal loan information was gone in my online banking account a few days after the final payment’s due date.

I was out of the country that time and I thought the loan payment has been cleared already, but the sudden disappearance of the account information actually meant the opposite. Grrr. My payment failed eventually.

It took me two weeks to call BPI customer service to confirm my final payment. They verified that it failed, and my account was endorsed to collections. That particular team reached out to me afterward and informed me to settle the final bill which I did over-the-counter.

Lesson learned, if a loan account disappeared in online banking, it’s best to call customer service to verify if payment went through to avoid hefty fee on top of the regular monthly installment.

As per the rep I have talked to, there are many reasons why it happens and they can help figure it out.

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