Burias Trip Aerial Shots, Tips, and More

I planned a DIY trip in Burias, however due to tight schedule and limited leave, two friends and I joined a tour instead. It was on holy week.

Never again.

I never thought the hassle. Therefore, go there during non-peak season, preferrably, on a sunny day.

First, let me introduce Sumbrero Island. It shares the same name with an island in Batangas. Prolly, there’s more in the Philippines. 😆

I woke up early to take this shot. I then realized how noisy Max can be, my drone, at 6am. 😄

These photos were taken from Animasola Island:

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I thought this is Animasola, but it’s a big island with amazing rock formations.

Third, Tinalisayan island. That’s where I took this aerial photo:

It’s nice to swim there, but be careful of the corals as well as urchins. It got the big ones.

Our last stop should have been the cliff jump site, but due to low tide, we’ve all agreed to go back to San Andres port in Quezon.


– I strongly recommend DIY trip! Join a tour if you know the organizer personally.

– Avoid holy week as much as possible! Too much traffic! Imagine, we traveled from Manila to Sumbrero Island for 19 hours.

– You can book a room in Sumbrero or pitch a tent for a fee. I think it’s around PHP200.00. CMIIW.

– The travel time from San Andres port to Sumbrero is around 2 hours.

– There are lots of passenger boats at the port.

– Internet in Burias is intermittent/weak currently.

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