Buy Songs on iTunes Using GCash AmEx

Globe made it easier for GCash subscribers to shop at online stores based in the United Stated using an American Express virtual card.

As what the product title implies, it’s a virtual debit card which can be used to shop at online stores that accept American Express payments. It can be used as well in buying digital goods like music downloads on iTunes Store.

If there’s anything that keeps you from shopping on iTunes, for example you don’t have either a debit or credit card which is required, then you may consider getting an AmEx account from Globe.

I personally recommend it. I use it to buy songs on iTunes where a lot of music downloads are available. And in this tutorial, I will share some tips on how to use it.

Download Songs on iTunes Using GCash American Express Card

Open iTunes on your computer. Go to iTunes Store then sign in using your Apple ID or registered email address.

You need an Apple ID with a valid US Address to be able to shop on iTunes US. You may search for tutorials in Google on how to create one. Use the address and phone number provided by Globe after signing-up for an AmEx card.

Search the song or album you wish to download.

Search the iTunes store

Click the Buy button below the album artwork if you wish to buy the entire album otherwise, click the Price button next to any item.

Confirm Purchase

Click Buy to confirm.

Update your payment details. Select American Express as your default payment method then enter your card details which you can get from the digital handbook sent by Globe to your email.

Enter your card details

You can get your card’s four-digit security code by dialing *143# on your smart phone. Select options 8 > 6 >3 to request a security code. It will be sent via SMS.

You may also request your card security code using the free GCash app for Android or iPhone and via Globe website.

Click Done once you’re finished filling-out the form. Make sure your card details are correct to avoid multiple authorization fees. More on this later on.

Confirmation Required

Reconfirm your purchase by clicking on Buy button again. After this, the item will be downloaded automatically.

On your first purchase, Apple will charge your account an additional $1 authorization fee. It will be refunded within 30 days. You will receive a confirmation via SMS once the refund is processed.

Kindly call GCash customer service at 2882 using your Globe cell phone or 739-2882 using a landline phone to follow up your refund if you haven’t received it within the 30 days time frame. Do not forget to take note of the date, time and the reference number of the transaction.

Please take note that iTunes Store might require you to update your billing information if the security code has changed. Apple will debit your card an authorization fee every time you update.

You will receive a notification via SMS for every successful purchase you made on the iTunes Store. Apple will send a receipt as well to your registered email.

You may check your transaction history or statement of account using the GCash app or via Globe website.

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  1. Thanks for this information. It was really helpful. I already signed up for GCASH AMEX. The only thing I need to do is put funds on it, so i can use it right away. It’s really a bit draggy, finding out apps need to be bought for you to use the full version. Well, unless I want to jailbreak it, but I’m not into it. Otherwise, thanks again for this tutorial. Cheers!