How to Buy Songs on Mnet

8. [One-time setup] PC Registration: Type a name, maximum of 10 characters, in the box provided, then click 등록.

You will see this prompt again if you buy songs in another computer using the same account. You can only register up to three.

Register PC

A confirmation like this will appear if the registration is successful:

New PC has been registered

9. Click 확인 [Confirm].

Download Information

The download information screen shows the number of songs to purchase and the total bill in Korean Won [tax-exclusive].

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  1. does this method still useable in 2017? please help i have melon and naver music but they are useless

      1. I wonder why it won’t load for me at all :( For the proxy server settings, what should I put for IP address/port number? In the WikiHow you linked, it had and port 80. Should I do the same?

      2. Now I got as far as step 9. This is what I get:

        *_*님! 실명인증이 필요합니다!

        “회원님은 이메일 가입한 회원으로”
        실명인증이 필요합니다.

        실명인증되어야 유료 콘텐츠를 구매하실 수 있습니다.

        실명인증 후, 상품을 구매해주세요.

        My Korean skills are very limited, but based on Google Translate, it seems to be telling me my e-mail is not verified, but it is. :( After this, I get a window to download a keylogger thing :(

        1. You’ll be able to complete the verification process if you have a Korean SSN or alien registration number. If you created your account using an email address, I’m afraid Mnet will not allow you to buy files from them unless you verify your identity.

          1. I see :( How were you able to complete your transaction then? I just followed your tutorial on how to make an Mnet account.