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How to Buy SM Cinema Tickets Online?

If you want to watch a movie at SM cinema, you have the option to buy tickets from their website. Actually, youll pay more compared to buying the tickets directly from the cinema. A convenience fee amounting to ₱20.00 will be added on top of the regular ticket price. Lets say the usual ticket price is ₱160.00. If you will buy it online, you will pay ₱180.00 in total (including VAT).
Buying tickets online is all about buyers convenience. Now, for those who want to know how to purchase tickets online, I create this article to guide you on how to do it. Read the steps provided below as your reference.
First things first, create an account in SM cinemas official website so you will be able to purchase tickets later on.
1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select Schedules – Preferred Branch – Movie – Screening date and then click the screening time of your choice.
3. In the next page, select your preferred payment channel. Currently there are four options: Gcash, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express), Smart Money and e-Plus. If you need to buy multiple tickets, click the select ticket quantity drop down options.

Click Purchase button if you are ready to checkout.
Note: You can confirm the number of seats available from that page as well. See screenshot below.
Theres no option available for you to pick a seat. Just make sure to go to the cinema as early as possible to find a best place to sit.
4. Select Yes to receive BCODE on your mobile phone. Make sure you have entered the correct cellphone number during registration for you to receive it. If you need to update your contact number, click Account.
Click Go Payment button afterwards.
5. Enter your card details (applicable for those who choose credit card payment option). Click Pay.
Card payment
6. Make sure your payment was approved and not declined.
Transaction result
7. The system will send the voucher in your email. You may print it if you want or in case you did not receive the BCODE on your mobile phone. What important is the reference number.
8. Go to the cinema. Find the BCODE machine which is usually located near the ticket booth. See example below.
Example of BCODE
Scan the BCODE on your mobile phone or from the printed voucher. Select Yes if you get a prompt to print the ticket.
9. Lastly, get your printed ticket. Before you go inside the cinema, scan the QR code in your ticket at entrance.

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Why my payment won’t process using my Amex card? I can see it that Amex can be used to settle the payment! It is frustrating! Website don’t pop up some message. Why it wont proceed to the next step!

Added info: if you purchase your IMAX ticket/s online, you’ll be able to pick your own seat! The chart

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