Cainta Rizal Post Office

Address: ARDI Complex, Ortigas Ext., Cainta, Rizal
Landmark: Near Junction, Across Robinson’s Place Cainta, The complex has Salon in front of the highway
Phone Number: 02-2404959
Operations: Mondays – Fridays

Cainta Post Office Map

Those who received a call notification, you can drop by at their office at the address provided above. If you will redeem your EMS package, don’t forget to bring an ID together with the necessary fee (e.g. delivery fee of P40.00). Most of the time they deliver EMS parcel at you doorstep however if the box is too big you’ll be required to report directly to their office. You can also apply for Postal ID there.

I just went there recently and I commend the lady who assisted me to get my package. She’s very modest. She even entertained my questions over the phone before I went there since my parcel is too big.


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    Hello! I should be receiving a parcel months ago. I made the sender deliver it again to me, a month ago. But still, I haven’t received any. Each parcel contains book, or other bookish merchandise. It’s actually expected to arrive only a month after it’s been sent. I went to the PO twice and asked, they said they don’t have it yet.


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    Many complaints about the postal service (over the past six years) from Cainta PO. Letters, parcels go astray, and are never delivered. Others are received in Cainta PO and then retained for weeks/months in their office until they decide to deliver them which means urgent mail, birthday cards, important documents are ‘lost’ by the time they are delivered. Parcels sent from UK and Australia (even this year) have not arrived and probably never will. This is totally unacceptable.


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      Do we have a basis for this claim? I’m not trying to defend Cainta PO, however I’m getting mails and packages from them in a reasonable time. You may want the mayor’s or postmaster’s office to hear your experience so they can do something about it.


  3. By Belinda on

    I tried calling the phone number, but I don’t think it is in service. Please give me a good contact number. I need to call the office to verify if my cheque from SSS is already there. They told me waiting time is one month. It’s been over a month already.


  4. By Hazel S. Taplac on

    I am in Cyprus. I sent a box in the Philippines last Feb. 27, 2015. Until now, my daughter didn’t receive the package. What is the problem with Cainta Post Office? The mailman told her that customs will tax it. Why? It has a small value. I will really complain this!


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      JSYK, all incoming articles are subject to duties. So, do not be flabbergasted if customs taxed a package you sent from abroad. They have the right to do it regardless of the amount, size, or whatever. If the courier told her the package will be taxed, then it means it wasn’t taxed yet. I just based it on what you mentioned – “will tax it”. She’s liable to pay it if there is and in order to get the parcel.


  5. By meanncentes on

    bkit not yet in service ung phone no.n binigay ng post office

    any other contact no.?????????? not yet in service kc ung binigay n no…………..


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    Any EMS Package addressed to Cainta will be forwarded to Cainta Post Office. Rizal is a province so there’s no need to go to Pasay. Just in case you need to pay Customs Fees, they will still deliver your item at your foorstep and will inform you about the total fees you need to pay or they will call you out first.


  7. By Katarina Krizia Ong on

    how would I know if my items are already in the post office?and if they will deliver door to door?


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