Can’t Add Sitemap on Bing Webmaster Tools

Probably you are one of those who cannot add a valid sitemap URL in Bing Webmaster Tools. Every time you attempt to do so, it will just show you this error message:

”If you were adding a site or sitemap, we timed out trying to talk to your site. Please make sure the web page is up and visible on the web. If not, this may be a momentary issue; try again, or check back later.”

Bing Webmaster Tools Error

I’m not sure if this really happens to all but I think it’s not. I’m only using blogspot free domain to all of my blogs and yet I can’t add a sitemap to each verified blogsite in Bing. This has been an ongoing issue for three months in my account and still Bing haven’t fixed it yet. I tried to contact them twice already and yet they are telling me the same thing.

Hi Justin,
Thank you for contacting Bing Technical Support. My name is Brad.
I understand that you are still unable to add your sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools as it keeps giving you a timeout error. Thank you for reporting this. There’s no ETA as of yet, however, this issue will resolve itself as soon as a fix has been rolled out. With that said, we humbly ask for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you,
Bing Technical Support
Even though I can’t add a sitemap in Bing, still they are indexing some of my pages and I’m getting a few traffic from them. Still, I wanted to have all of my pages indexed same with Google Webmaster and Yahoo Site Explorer. For the meantime, you can submit your sitemap to Bing through URL submission.

Just paste this URL in your web browser then change the to your site or blog sitemap URL.


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