Here’s How to Cash Your SSS Salary Loan Check

If SSS issued you one, first, you must verify that all information is accurate. To cash it, you have to check the issuer. Is it LANDBANK or PNB?

SSS may have partnered with another bank, so you must check the logo. Why? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can only cash your funds from the issuing bank.

Make sure to bring valid IDs. You may ask your HR directly about the requirements, or the bank.

Now, you might ask how you can get your money from another bank. It is possible, but you have to deposit your check. Meaning, they will put the amount to your existing account. For example, savings (ATM card or whatever).

The drawback is you don’t have access to your funds immediately. The bank will add it to your balance, but you can’t use it until after the clearing process. It takes three business days.


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  1. Hi! Just want to confirm something. You sais in your post that I should deposit the check. Can I do it to other banks? Like BPI or Maybank? Since I have my accounts in this two banks. Please help. Thank you.

  2. Can I deposit it to my account in another bank? However my account is not updated, in my account my name is still my maiden name and in the check my name is my married name..

  3. I have a postal id and police clearance as my verification id, does the landbank accept my two I’ds for cheque encashment if not? What valid ids do they accept to change the cheque?