Here’s How to Cash Your SSS Salary Loan Check

Here are a few tips on cashing your SSS salary loan check from the issuing bank or another one.

If SSS issued you one, first, you must verify that all information is accurate. To cash it, you have to check the issuer. Is it LANDBANK or PNB?

SSS may have partnered with another bank, so you must check the logo. Why? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can only cash your funds from the issuing bank.

Make sure to bring valid IDs. You may ask your HR directly about the requirements, or the bank.

Now, you might ask how you can get your money from another bank. It is possible, but you have to deposit your check. Meaning, they will put the amount to your existing account. For example, savings (ATM card or whatever).

The drawback is you don’t have access to your funds immediately. The bank will add it to your balance, but you can’t use it until after the clearing process. It takes three business days.

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65 replies on “Here’s How to Cash Your SSS Salary Loan Check”

Low po, ask lang po ako sa cheque over 180 days ko napo nakuha. 1stime ko kasi mg avail ng salary loan i thought e dedeliver yung check sa office namin nakuha kaya tumawag ako sa benefits incharge kung dumating naba in few moments sabi nya nasa post office na daw yung cheque. Nakuha kona po yung cheque on august 18,2020 pa encash kona sana sa landbank kaso ang sabi expired nadaw yung cheque feb 19, 2020 papo kasi na aprroved yung loan kaya over 180days na na recieve ko paano napo ito?

Hello po?? Itatanong ko lng po sana kng pwede po ba mapa encash ypng cheque sa sss loan even if its already expire.. Hindi ko kase agad nkuha yong cheque sa agency namin dahil sa pandemic..Hindi rin ng inform yong agency nmin na dumating na pala yong sss loan ko!!!!


Same issue here Issue March 9 2020 but received on July 15 2020 due to pandemic. Pwd pa rin ba i deposit yun sa bank .

Pls check date of ur check coz due to pandemic situation they extend the validity of check for 180days. Just sharing😊

Hello. I recently sent an email to our nearest branch acting head and here is their reply:

“Please be informed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the validity of SSS checks is extended for 180 days instead of the usual 90 days”

Hi ask ko lang po kung pwede pa po maencash yung cheque from SSS, na issue yung cheque March 5 then valid lang until June 6 kaso kakareceive ko lang ngayon. Pwede pa kaya yun maencash sa landbank? Thank you sa sasagot :)

same here po. yun din problema ko.. pero sabi naman sa HR, pwede pa naman po kasi extended naman yun because of the pandemic po.

Same case po tayo. Invalid na nun June 18,20202 ang cheke. Kaka kuha ko lang sa agency ko last week :( possible pa kaya na mapa encash ko ?

tumawag ako sa landbank its still valid for another 3 mos. check nio ung post ni landbank regarding sss cheque valid sia 180 days na

Nka pa encash na po ba kayo kse yon din ang problema ko expire na yong cheque late kona kase nakuha sa agengy dahil sa pandemic

Just go to the LandBank and encash your expired SSS check. SSS knows that some of the check may get expired due to the pandemic and LandBank shall encash those expired checks.

Pls check date of ur check coz due to pandemic situation they extend the validity of check for 180days. Just sharing😊

I had a problem encashing a check since the name on my card is missing a letter due to long name and i was advised to go to an SSS branch to request for a certificate of true identity. That was 2yrs ago, do we follow the same process until now?

hi po.. pde po b brother/relative ang magpaencash ng sss loan cheque q? kc may work po aq everyday and ung Landbank dto smin is open lng ng until 12pm.. pde po b magauthorize ng representative?

Pwede bang ideposit sa directly sa savings account ko yung sss loan cheque , or pwede bang magpa-encash sa kahit saang branch ng Landbank ?

Anu pong id na inaaccept ng landbank para ma encash ang check. I o ky have philhealth, company id, hmo id and postal na expired na :(

Hello po. Quick question and badly need a confirmation. Nakuha ko po cheque ko yesterday ang date issued po ng cheque is March 5. May nakalagay po sa cheque na valid until 5. Meron ho bang extension? Pa help po.

Hi ask kopo if pwede kopo ba ma encash sss calamity check ko sa landbank kahit may two letters missing sa first name ko.

Hi! Nareceive ko na po yung SSS cheque ko ang issuing bank is Landbank po. Malayo po kasi ang landbank dito samin. Pwede ho bang mapa.encash ang cheque sa metrobank or pnb??thank you sa sasagot

Ask ko lang po dumating na po yung salary loan cheque ko sa sss ..ngayong nung ipapa encash ko na po sya sa landbank hindi po sya mapalitan kasi po hindi daw po pwede yung dala kong id which is philhealth id and company id ..ang sabi namn po ng taga landbank pwede daw po yung voters certification..kaso nung kukuha naman po ako sa munisipyo namin suspended daw po ang pagkuha ng voters cetification nationwide daw po yun na suspended hanggang june 30 pa po. Meron po bang ibang paraan para mapapaltan yun cheque ko..maraming salamat po

Gawan nyo po paraan para magkaprimary ID. It is very important po na may primary ID po kayo. Like Passport, drivers license, prc license, etc.

Hi po. pano po if mag e expire na yung check sa May 19 at hindi ko pa ma encash dahil sa ECQ? ecoconsider parin ba nila?

Hello same problem here…My check expired last April 30, 2020 and I was not be able to encash it due to ECQ. Can I still encash it now?

Hi may I know if how many mos till the check ecpires? I have the same problem and it was stock at the post office. The stupid SSS have our address why cant they send it out in our home.

Validity that is indicated initially on the cheque is 3 months from the date og approved loam date. Just hope that SSS will issue a memorandum that will further extend the validity of the said cheques due to the ECQ.

I have same problem, I was able po pick up my check last June 1 but upon checkingbitbis only valid until may 28. Can I still encash it? Thank you

According to Landbank, they received a memo from SSS extending the validity of cheques from 90 days to 180 days becuase of ECQ

is this true?.i have the same problem just got my cheque last june 12/20.expiration date is may 28/20.Did landbank confirmed this already?.thanks

Hi! I want to ask..papaano po kung sa akin nakapangalan yung cheque pero hindi po ako ang magdedeposit sa account ko? Nasa Dubai po kasi ako at uutusan ko lang yung kapatid ko na ideposit yung cheque sa account ko? Pwede po kaya yun?

Ask ko lang po, yung cheke ko from SSS, Dec 16 pa check date nya kahapon ko lang po nareceive yung cheke at nakalagay na 90 days lang valid. April 30 na po ngayon mapapa cash ko pa po kaya? LANDBANK po yung bank.

ask ko.lang may sss cheke po mom ko di siya napalitan nung due date niya lagpas na po siya ng 3months sabi sa landbank paiba daw date sa sss closed.namn ang sss any other option para encash na yung.chek?

Hi can i deposit my sss salary loan landbank check in my unionbank personal savings thru online? If its possible where should i write the details at the back? There’s no space at the back to write like the other normal checks.

I am quite disappointed, it is my first time to apply for a loan at SSS. I used to be a government employee and GSIS is at least 100% more upgraded. As you said I need to wait for 2 to 3 weeks that long waiting, and when I got the check finally, I will need to deposit it to my account and wait for 3 days. that long? so if you need cash right away SSS is not a solution. I have a question though, I have a check that I deposited in my other bank account but clearing day is just one day or less. is SSS check a lot different? If I decided to encash it the issuer bank for example it is BPI or Landbank, can I encash it to any branch or I will need to go to the branch? a lot of hardship combine with stress for delaying payments of some obligations.

Hi! Just want to confirm something. You sais in your post that I should deposit the check. Can I do it to other banks? Like BPI or Maybank? Since I have my accounts in this two banks. Please help. Thank you.

Can I deposit it to my account in another bank? However my account is not updated, in my account my name is still my maiden name and in the check my name is my married name..

I have a postal id and police clearance as my verification id, does the landbank accept my two I’ds for cheque encashment if not? What valid ids do they accept to change the cheque?

Hi. I want to ask if pwede may magreceive ng check mo on your behalf if may authorization letter na ibibigay dun sa magbibigay along with ID? Maling address po kasi nailagay ko sa application ko ng loan. And if yes, dinedeliver ba talaga nila yung check sa bahay na nakalagay sa mailing address mismo?

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