Clearance Event: What does this tracking status mean? [DHL]

This is the last of my series of posts about a few DHL tracking statuses. In this blog post, I am going to share some information regarding “Clearance Event”.

If you are waiting for a package from DHL and you get the same tracking status online, read on.

What is Clearance Event?

Clearance Event - DHL

For most shipments, it means that the customs of the destination country put them on hold for clearance. It can be that they need:

  • to double check the contents
  • further assess them for tax purposes
  • check if documents are needed for clearance
  • etc.

As for the clearance “time frame”, it depends on customs.

It would be nice if they just need a few hours to clear your package(s). Some take a couple of days depending on various situations. For example, they may require you to get a clearance, a document, first from another government agency that regulates the imported goods. Another example is, they may require you to submit documents to prove the value of the item(s), etc.

Similar Tracking Statuses

When you check the status of your DHL package online and see “Processed for clearance…”, “Shipment on hold”, or “Customs status updated” after its arrival in the destination country, you may allow a few hours until DHL updates it to “Clearance processing complete”. If no progress, say it has been 24 hours, you may call customer service to check if there is something you must do.

Just to share, DHL may notify a consignee through email if there’s a tax that needs to be paid, if they need documents, etc. Therefore, if you encounter any tracking status related to customs activities, you may check your email for updates.

Note that DHL tags a package as abandoned if not cleared within a given time frame. For example, within a month after the package’s arrival in the destination country.

Hope this information helps. If you have any questions, post it in the comment section below.

P.S. Customs has the rights to open a package to check its contents. If they opened your package, DHL may reseal it with a tape labeled with “Opened and resealed for customs purposes” (something like that).


Shipment held – Available upon receipt of payment: What does it mean?

Previously, I published a post regarding the DHL tracking status, “Forwarded for delivery“. And today, I’m going to tackle another status which is “Shipment held – Available upon receipt of payment“. Read on if you have a package with the same status!

A month ago, I placed an order on an online shopping website in South Korea. The box weighed around 25 kilograms and the total order value amounted to almost $1,000. As usual, I chose to have it shipped via DHL.

I knew for sure that customs will put the package on hold and that they will tax it.

The clearance was not smooth though because most of the items I purchased are regulated by a particular government agency. As a matter of fact, I had to get an import permit or clearance before they let go of the package. As a result, it took almost a month to deliver it.

I sent to DHL the permit as soon as I received it, then they immediately processed the release of my package.

On the day that I expected to receive it, it was when the tracking status updated to Shipment held – available upon receipt of payment.

shipment held - available upon receipt of payment

I thought I just need to wait for their courier to arrive and to receive my payment. One of their representatives told me via email. But nope! my anxiety led me to calling them. I had to clarify what will happen next.

What is Shipment Held – Available upon Receipt of Payment?

They confirmed that there’s a tax that I need to pay (around 10% of the total order value) and that I will receive an instruction through email which no one told me about. They clarified though that I can either pay online or with cash on delivery.

I chose the latter. However, since I called during lunchtime, they said that they may not be able to schedule the delivery within the day. So, they rescheduled it the following day.

Their courier did arrive that day and collected the tax payment in cash. They then gave me receipts as proof of payment. Digitally signed on their app to confirm receipt of the package, and that’s it!

So, if you have a package with the same tracking status, you may get in touch with them to confirm whether you will pay tax, or simply ask them of the next process.

Note that the tracking status may have different interpretation depending on the country you are in. So, your best bet is to get in touch with them and confirm.

If you need to pay tax, they can provide you the information you need such as the total amount, etc.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to post it on the comment section below.


Forwarded for Delivery: What does it mean? [DHL]

In this post, I will share information regarding the DHL shipment status mentioned on the title, “Forwarded for delivery”.

As much as possible, I choose DHL when purchasing stuff online. Normally, I’ll see the shipment status, “With delivery courier” after customs cleared my package or after DHL moved it from their main warehouse to their delivery hub.

Two of my recent packages did not reflect such status though. Instead, DHL updated the tracking information with “Forwarded for delivery”.

forwarded for delivery DHL

To know what will happen next, I called them up. They then confirmed that the update literally means that they forwarded my package for delivery. The catch was their in-house courier will not deliver it to me. Instead, they tasked a third-party shipping company.

They assured me that the delivery is within the day. Note that they updated the status of the two packages at noon. Therefore, the third-party courier has a few hours left to complete the delivery.

They failed to deliver one box. Instead, they delivered it on the following day, though the tracking information said that they delivered it on the promised date.

I found out that the third-party company that they tasked to deliver my packages is Ninjavan. They did not provide a separate tracking number for checking the status of the delivery. So, all I had to do was to wait for the courier to arrive. So far, no missing boxes!

Per my experience, they only forwarded most of my packages that are zero-tax. They then delivered the rest that were taxed by customs and needed to be paid in cash.

As per them, there is no guarantee that their in-house couriers will deliver my packages moving forward. They said that it depends on the people working on their delivery hub whether to forward my boxes to a third-party again.

“Forwarded for delivery” just started showing up on my package’s shipment history last month, November.

That’s it! If you have a package with the same tracking status, DHL may have forwarded it to another courier for delivery. To confirm, you may contact them directly.

Questions? Let me know in the comment section below.


Txn after cut off BPI

What is Txn after cut off in BPI Online or mobile app?

Same with posting of credit card transactions, any transaction using a BPI account, say a Savings account, will have a pending or “Txn after cut off” status first. BPI then posts the transaction details after one business day or longer depending if the transaction was made over the weekend, a holiday, or whatever.

Based on my experience, the details of transactions made on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday are posted every Tuesday, but that may not be the case all the time. Factors like system issues, upgrades, holidays, etc. might cause a delay.

Here’s an example:

I made the 10 peso transaction on Saturday and the 3,999 payment on Monday:

txn after cut off bpi

It just shows the same status: “Txn after cut-off”

Now, the system posted the transaction details for both on Tuesday:

transaction details posted

I usually ignore the dates when checking transactions. However, in this case, I noticed that BPI did not post the exact transaction date for the 10 peso amount. I made it last Saturday (August 1). But then, the app shows August 3 same with the card payment. 🤔


If you noticed an unrecognized transaction with “Txn After Cut Off” status, it’s best to contact BPI right away. They can check what the transaction is for; same with pending credit card transactions.


GrabPay account number: what to use?

This is me guessing what a GrabPay account number is.

So, lately I placed my usual monthly grocery order through GrabMart. What I usually do is pay with my credit card through GrabPay.

I only add the exact amount for every purchase including any discount.

For “this” particular order, everything went well until the store, Robinsons supermarket, texted me and said that one item off my grocery list is out of stock. So, they asked permission to removed it which I immediately approved.

It was too late to request for a replacement. So, the app notified me of the removal and price update.

The system removed the discount for missing the target amount after the update, and so I have to pay an additional 10 pesos. Meaning, I have to top up again or else my account will remain restricted (unable to use GrabPay but Cash).

The order went through though and the rider delivered the groceries to me within an hour.

The system did not send me the receipt as usual, but sent me a payment failure notification instead.

I don’t want my account with a restriction nor a balance, so I transferred the amount from my BPI account for free.

Transferring money to GrabPay is the same with other bank. I just had to enter the amount, account number, whatever.

It was my first time, so I have no idea what my account number is.

I then remember using my phone number to add funds to my PayMaya account. So, I thought it would be the same for GrabPay since customer service usually ask for my registered phone number whenever I contact them.

So, I tried and it worked!

GrabPay account number

Much to my surprise, the Grab app sent me a notification as soon as I tap on the Submit button on the BPI app.

So, what is GrabPay account number?

Lesson learned, GrabPay account number for transferring funds from BPI is my registered phone number! ❤️


ERC email address | Lodging a complaint

What is ERC email address?

Filing a complaint against an electric power distribution company like MERALCO? You can shoot ERC an email at

Their contact number is (02) 8689-5389.

ERC email address


How to activate BPI credit card?

How to activate BPI credit card?

If you just received your first BPI credit card, there is no need to activate it manually on the app, by text, or whatever. Your card is pre-activated and ready to use.

If you already have an existing BPI Online account and you’ve provided the same registered email address during your BPI credit card application, BPI most likely added it to your account automatically. No need for manual activation, registration, or enrollment.

How to activate BPI credit card


How to enroll biller in BPI app?

How to enroll biller in BPI app?

Unfortunately, enrolling a biller in BPI app is not possible as of the moment. If you already have a BPI Online account, you can do it on the BPI Online website instead. Just go to the Main Menu > Other Services > Manage Recipients > Add New Recipient.

Note that username and password for both BPI Online and app are the same.

How to enroll biller in BPI app


05SI Service Charge BPI: Explanation

Did BPI charge an amount with the “05SI service charge“ description to your account? Don’t know what it means? Read on!

Time to Update

I first wrote about this topic in 2016. Like some, I dunno what is it for. So, to get an answer, I called BPI.

Fast forward, today, May 30, 2020, I noticed that the same charge topped a list in Google Trends. I then checked my old post’s stats and saw that there are still some accessing it.

I thought it’s time to make an update. So, I created this separate post.

05SI service charge on the BPI Express website (2016)
05SI service charge on the BPI Express website (2016)

So, what is 05SI service charge?

So, what is 05SI service charge?

IT is the sum of the fees for withdrawing cash via non-BPI ATMs. The current fee is 15 pesos per transaction.

So, let’s say, I have a BPI debit mastercard. Then, this May, I’ve withdrawn cash via a BDO ATM on two separate days. Therefore, BPI will charge me 30 pesos (15 x 2).

Based on my observation, BPI charges the fee real-time. However, after the cut-off, or once the system updates, they return the money. They will then charge the fee(s) again at once by the end of the month or whatever. Like this:

05SI Service Charge BPI 2

BPI charged me 15 peso 05SI this month. That is because I only had one cash withdrawal via a third-party ATM.


This is your BPI debit card CVV code

1. What is the CVV code of your BPI debit Mastercard?

It’s the three digit code at the back of your card. It’s the usual information that you need to complete an online transaction. Say, you’re ordering something online, or you’ll use your card as a payment method for a subscription with a recurring payment.

To enable your BPI debit Mastercard for online transactions, just sign in to BPI Online. Next, go to the main menu > Others services > Card control.

Lastly, tap “Show card settings” under the card you want to use for online transaction. Then, use the E-commerce slider to turn the feature on or off.

BPI will send a one-time verification code to your registered phone number if you wish to use the feature.

Activating BPI debit mastercard online transaction or e-commerce access

2. What does the CVV code look like on a BPI debit Mastercard?

It’s like this:

BPI debit mastercard CVV code

3. What is the CVV code of your BPI debit EPS?

Unfortunately, as per BPI, you can’t use it for online transactions. So, no CVV.