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Unionbank’s EON Card Application and Paypal Verification [Updated]

NEW UPDATE: You may now apply for EON Visa Debit Card Online. Just click here and read how it works.

After I have verified my main PayPal account with my Union bank EPayCard. I’m now going to try my new account which is EON.

I actually applied for an EON Card in Union bank QC branch which is located along E. Rodriguez Ave (near Starbucks). Before I went there, I tried calling their customer service first because I would like to verify the necessary documents that I need to bring with me to avoid any conflict with my application. So, when I arrived at the site, Mark assisted me then. He even asked me why do I need it or for what purpose. I was thinking by that time that probably EON card has some special usages that I’m not aware of or whatever. I just told him that I need it for my PayPal account. Okay, so he handed me an application form and no wonder, they always need a lot of specimen signatures as usual. It’s actually a piece of paper that you need to fill up with your personal information like SSS, TIN, and Company Profile.

After filling up the form, I returned my fully-accomplished application form to him together with my two valid IDs. He actually photocopied all of it and then he told me that I need to go back after seven business days to redeem my EON Card. He didn’t ask for any deposit or card payment by that time. He just told me that they will accept the card payment or any initial deposit once I got it already.

I actually went there last month but I only came back last February 18th (Almost one month had passed by already). I was hoping that they still have my card. Luckily, the still have it. I only presented one valid ID to confirm that I’m the account holder. After Mark confirmed it, he asked for the card payment. Well, I paid P350 for it. I handed him thousand so I can provide my initial deposit also which is P650.00. There’s no receipt for card payment but for the deposit of course there is. After I made my payment, he handed my EON card to me right away together with the PIN which is in a piece of carbonated paper. Before I left, he mentioned that I need to receive a Thank You letter from Union bank and it is necessary. If I haven’t, then I need to fill up a form again “daw”. I didn’t ask him more about it because I really wanna go home. I just planned to call their customer service to verify it which I did. The lady who answered my call said that I will receive it in the mail within 7 to business days. I just need to receive it and nothing to do after wards. They will be notified right away if a customer already receives it the same day.

Now that I have my card on hand, I was eager to enroll it for online banking. I actually did the same day I got it. By the way, once you received your card, it’s already activated. So, as usual it will take 2 banking days before you can access your online account same with my previous topic about Union bank EPayCard. I’m hoping that there will be no conflict with the account verification like what I have experienced before. Anyway, I’ll show you guys how to enroll your account online.

1. Go to EON CyberAccount Online Banking. You will see an error message. Just click on Log-in and you will be redirected to the main page.


3. Validate your EON card info. Type in the complete card number and PIN. Click Submit.

4. Nominate three usernames of your choice. If the User ID #1 is not available then Unionbank system will check if you can use one of the two remaining usernames.

5. Let’s say User ID #1 is available. Just confirm it.

6. After you confirmed your User ID, you now need to fill up this online form:

*The fields with red mark/asterisks are mandatory.
*Please ensure that your card info are matched with what you are typing in. In my case, I really called Union bank first to ensure that the spelling of my complete name is correct (same with the my other personal info) because as I have mentioned earlier this was my problem before. It took a month before they fixed it.
*Much better if you will include your active e-mail address so that in case your online enrollment was declined you’ll be receiving an update from Union bank.

7. Enrollment Successful! Your online banking will be activated after two banking days.
My online account is not yet activated. Once it’s up and running then I’ll show the full details of enrolling in PayPal also.

I was surprised that my online banking was activated since yesterday afternoon (Feb 21). I’ll show you guys how to access your online account as well as setting your transaction password.

1. Go to EON CyberAccount Online Banking. Log-in with your User ID and Card PIN. Hit enter.
2. Once logged-in, you will be redirected to the Terms and Conditions page. Scroll down and click Agree.
3. Set the transaction password on your account.

5. What is the difference between my transaction password and my login password?
 As part of the improved security of our website, we will be providing you with two passwords, the login password. Your login password, which you will be using to log in to your account, will continue to be your ATM PIN. Your transaction password, meanwhile, will be used when you conduct financial transactions. You will be nominating your transaction pin upon your first log in.


You need to set a new transaction password on your account after 180 days. It’s not necessary to wait for 180 days because you can actually change it anytime you would like too. Just go to My Profile – Change Password.
After you set your online transaction password, you will see this pop-out message:Congratulations! You’re all set. You can do online banking now. e.g. Online Shopping, Transfer Funds, Pay bills etc.

I’m done already showing the step-by-step guide on how to enroll in online banking and accessing your online account. Now, I’m going to show you how to verify your PayPal account using your EON account.

1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up.

3. Under Create Your PayPal Account Page, choose your country from the drop down menu and choose what type of account would you like to have (Personal, Premier or Business). Let’s say we’re going to set up Personal account. Just click on Get Started button below it.
4. Enter your information as shown here:Reminders:
* Your email address will be your log in account. I advised that you should have a dedicated email account for this because this is somehow a financial account. All of your PayPal Transactions will be sent there like your receipt after purchasing an item online using PayPal Checkout.
* Be careful with your email address domain name. If there’s .ph on it or whatever then emphasize it or else you’ll have a hard time validating your email account.
* Your personal info should match with your card records/bank account.
* CSC Code/CVV number is the three digit number at the back of your card.
* Make your password strong. Use special characters also.
* Click “Agree and Create Account” once your done.

5. You will see this page right after you successfully enter your personal and card info in Step #4. Just click Go to My Account.

6. You will now see the main page of your PayPal account. You now need to verify your email address. To do that, Click “Confirm email address” under Notifications. You will then receive an email from PayPal*, open it and just click on Confirm my email address button. You will be redirected to a page wherein you need to type in your PayPal password. Please do so until your PayPal Email account is successfully validated.*This gonna be real-time so check your email account right away.

7. After validating your email address, now verify/confirm your card. To do this: Go to My Account – Overview – Click Get verified.

8. Under Confirm your card to get Verified page, you’ll see the info that you typed in earlier during the registration process (Card Info and Billing address). Just click Continue. You will be charged P100.00 on your EON card as part of the verification. It will serve as your initial PayPal fund after the process.
9. PayPal will send a unique code on your online statement. They usually call it Expuse Number or PayPal Code. This is a real time transaction also. With that being said, PayPal verification is indeed fast. You only need to check for that 4-digit unique code on your online banking account. Since yours is already up and running, don’t hesitate to check it right away.
* Go to your EON CyberAccount.
* Go to My Account – Overview – Click Get verified.
* In Home page, Click Deposit Accounts which is Under Accounts Summary.
* Click the drop down button under Options. Choose Last 10 Transactions.
* Click Go.
* Look for a Transaction Description like this: VISA-PP*4009CODE SG. The 4009 is the Expuse Number/PayPal Code. (See image below)
As you can see, there’s a copy of the Expuse Number/PayPal Code (4009). And the overall charge was P101.00.

10. Now that you have a copy of your Expuse Number/PayPal Code. Go back to Paypal site then continue verifying your card. Enter the code as shown here: (Copy-Paste will work). Click Confirm Card.
11. After Step #10. You’ll see this prompt.

12. CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a verified PayPal Account. As you can see from the image below, the account status is now verified and also you have an initial PayPal balance of P100. You just have refunded the PayPal charge earlier.


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February 1, 2015: PhilHealth is now issuing new identification cards made of PVC. I have not submitted an application yet because I need to clarify the procedure first. As per the rep I have talked with, it costs ₱90.00, and I should coordinate with our company’s HR. I’ll be updating this post once I got mine.

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2. Copy of your TIN Number and Registration Date. If you don’t know your TIN yet, you may call the BIR Contact Center at 981-8888 (Weekdays 8AM to 5PM). The representative will just ask some personal information so he will be able to find your TIN (Tax Identification Number). Do not forget to ask the registration date as well.

Application Procedure

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Step 1: Go to the Reception Area. Present your valid ID and get a number.

Step 2: Get a TIN ID application form from the personnel.

Step 3: Fill out the form in the waiting area and wait for your number to be called.

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