How to Install Dragon Nest SEA on Windows 8?

Need help in installing Dragon Nest on Windows 8?

The following steps below will teach you how to install the game client on either Window 8 or 8.1 system. Be it a Basic, Pro or Enterprise edition.

Some players, as I observed in the Cherry Credits forums, are having trouble running the program on Windows 8. Since it’s a new released version of Windows, Cherry Credits hasn’t confirmed yet if the game client is fully compatible or not. Anyway, upon testing and doing a simple tweak, I was able to run it on my Windows PC seamlessly. I just set the program’s compatibility mode to Windows 7 as it is fully compatible with that version. It’s very easy.

Top Up Cherry Credits via PayPal

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Where to Buy Cherry Credits in the Philippines?

Since Cherry Credits originated abroad, Filipino players somehow are having difficulty looking for a store selling it. Are you one of them? Actually, there are 6 ways available for you to purchase CC. Those are:1. Through Partner ResellersIf you want to buy physical CC scratch card, then you have the option to drop by to […]

How to Top Up Cherry Credits Bought From Loadcentral?

One of the easiest way to get Cherry Credits in the Philippines is through Loadcentral. You can buy it directly from any Loadcentral retailers out there. There are also some sellers offering it on or you are a CC fanatic, it is advisable that you’d rather sign up as a Loadcentral retailer so […]