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How to Register Your Samsung Phone Online for Warranty?

Samsung already fixed their registration website and customers may now register their products for warranty support.

It is so easy to register your product rather than sending the reply card included in the original box of your device. Currently, there are three ways to register your product, Online, Business Reply Card or through SMS. I will just cover the online registration which is the easiest.

Right after you register, you can immediately file a support ticket if the need arises. All the things that you need are available in Cyber Service Center. In case you need to locate the nearest service center in your area, you may use their service centers list as well. Usually, the warranty is 1 year for parts and labor. Plus, your device can be enrolled for extended warranty which is very common nowadays.

Here are the benefits of registering your product:

1. Register your product under your name.
2. Submit Repair Request.
3. Chat with Samsung support
4. Apply for an Extended Warranty
5. Find service centers
6. Check repair history of your device
7. Identify warranty information; etc.Now, here’s how you register your Samsung phone online:

1. Go to his webpage:

2. Click Product Registration -> Sign Up Now
3. Fill out the registration form.
4. Click Register.
5. Register your Samsung phone by entering its model code, serial number and purchase date

Samsung Galaxy Y Model Number: GT-S5360
Serial number – remove the battery of your phone and locate it on the sticker below the SIM slot.
Purchase date – refer to invoice/receipt provided to you

6. Click Register afterwards
7. Success! Your product is now registered.

In case you need to register another Samsung Product, all you need to do is click the New Product Registration button.