Locate Nero 10 Licenses in Windows Registry

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can locate your Nero licenses in Windows Registry: (For Windows 7 Only)1. Click on Start.2. Type in “regedit” in Search Box (without quotation marks). Hit enter.3. Registry Editor will open up. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Nero / Shared / NL104. In NL10 Key Folder, you will see from there the list […]

How to Capture Screenshots in Windows Media Player 12?

The earlier versions of Windows Media Player have the option “Use overlays” to take screenshots of video files but in WMP12, there’s none. The alternative way to do it is by using the typical ‘Print Screen SysRq’ button. Instead of using it and cropping the image file after, better use Snipping Tool which is already […]

Solution for Android Market “There are no Android phones associated with this account”

If it’s your first time downloading a free application from Android Market, you might encounter this error message:The solution for this is to associate your device to your Google account. To do this:1. On your android phone, go to Android Market application.2. Register by providing your Google Account (GMail) information until you see the Android […]