How to Get Free Barcode Scanner App for Android Phone?

Would you like to have a powerful app on your phone that will scan various barcodes? If yes, then download and install QR Barcode Scanner for free.QR Barcode Scanner is an Android application which works like a scanner that you typically see from grocery stores, department stores, book stores etc. It makes everything handy just […]

How to Disable IDM Plugin in Internet Explorer 9?

Did you find IDM bothersome everytime you browse the internet? You’re watching videos and then IDM download button pops out all of a sudden. It irritates you to click the close button again and again. That’s how IDM is configured. However, there’s a way for you to disable it. Here’s how:1. Launch Internet Download Manager.2. […]

How to Manually Change Album Artwork in iTunes

When you buy a song from iTunes, the album artwork is included by default. In case you delete it by mistake, you may download it again (Right click file –Get Album Artwork). What if you get your files from another source? Like CD? Basically, artworks are not included.   I know a lot of iTunes […]