Running an Executable File Blocked by Windows SmartScreen

“Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.” Are you getting that warning every time you run an executable file (.exe) on your Windows 8 or 8.1 PC? Like you, I often get the same warning especially when I install manual patches for the online games I play on my Windows 8.1 computer.

Windows 7: Installing Korean Language Pack

Would you like to install the Korean language pack on your Windows 7 PC?

In this tutorial, you will learn three things. First, you will learn how to install the Korean language pack on Windows 7 via Windows Update or through manual installation. Second, to apply it as the primary system language, and lastly, to fix the weird characters or symbols that appear on Korean programs (if you have some installed on your PC)

Language packs like Korean are ready-to-download via Windows Update. This is recommended for…

Write In Korean on Windows 7

Do you know that you can type in Korean on Windows 7 without the need to download the language pack? You can save money as well from upgrading to Ultimate edition.

Generally, hundreds of input methods or languages are included, and ready-to-use in all Windows 7 editions such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Enabling an input method like Korean IME (Input Method Editor) is very easy. It can be enabled quickly on a computer connected to the internet or not, and regardless of…