How to Purchase Game Card from OffGamers

OffGamers is an online shopping website which offers a wide array of virtual game products such as game activation keys, online game currency trade, online game PINs, various gift cards and many more. OffGamers delivers an item online within 15 minutes. It might take long if the transaction is flagged for verification. Same with other […]

How to Calculate eBay Seller Fees for Auction Style Listing

In eBay, a seller can post free auction-style listings up to 50 every month. Though insertion fee is waived, sellers are still charge of final value fees which is accumulated and billed every month. Basically, in an auction-style listing, a seller will be charged final value fee which is based on item sale price (the […]

International Shipping Rates in Amazon

In, there are three types of international shipping: Standard, Expedited and Priority. Standard shipping takes 18 to 32 days and it is the cheapest among the three options. Expedited takes 5 to 10 business days and the quickest is Priority shipping which takes 2 to 4 days. When you proceed to checkout in Amazon, you […]

Gmarket Tutorial: How to Order?

Want to know how to buy items on Gmarket?

This tutorial is a walk-through of the entire shopping procedure on Global Gmarket; starting from registration until order receipt confirmation. It will not help you only in navigating the website, but also to understand some of its’ important features that you might want to learn as well.

I included some helpful tips so you can get some ideas about saving money whether you’re a heavy buyer or not, and to have a seamless shopping experience.

What is Card Authorization Fee in HMV Japan?

If you are a foreigner living outside Japan and you want to purchase items off HMV Japan Online Store, the only way to do that is by using a credit or debit card. That is the only accepted payment method available for overseas customers currently. This is not same with rival company though, CDJAPAN, which […]

How to Request Combined Shipping if Add to Cart Button is Missing?

Did you notice that Add to Cart button is missing on some eBay ads or items that you want to buy? In that case, how are you going to request combined shipping or how you are going to add items on your Shopping cart?Most buyers pay items together so they can get discount from sellers. […]

What to Do if Your EON Debit Card was Compromised?

Is your EON card compromised? Are you a victim of online scam? online phishing? You were shocked because you checked that there are deductions on your card that you are not aware of. If that happened to you, don’t be afraid! There are ways for you to stop the auto-debit on your card and have […]