How to Unsubscribe from eBay Feed Newsletter?

eBay Feed is a latest feature added in eBay. It’s a pinterest-like feed wherein eBay will recommend items that might interest you. You can set only those items that you want. This way you’ll be able to personalize your homepage.The first time I used it; I didn’t realize that eBay auto-subscribed me to eBay Feed […]

About DHL Consolidated Informal Entry Charge AKA Handling Fee

Consolidated informal entry charge is one of the fees that customs applies to incoming DHL packages. As far as I remember, handling fee is around PHP200 before. Now, it is PHP548.60 (including 12% VAT). Here’s the computation:   Informal Entry Charge = PHP489.82 Tax = PHP58.78 Total: PHP548.60   Actually, it’s still considered as customs […]

Google Wallet Fees Versus PayPal Fees

Both PayPal and Google Wallet have almost the same fees structure. Both offer secured payment gateway that boosts buyers’ confidence to shop and pay online. They only differ in some processes like handling chargeback claims, withdrawal procedure, verification procedure etc. One of the main features that PayPal has that Google Wallet does not have is […]

Review: Gmarket

When shopping for Korean items such as KPOP CDs, clothes, gadgets, beauty products, etc., Gmarket is one of the best online shopping websites out there that you should consider. I’d been shopping at Global Gmarket for three years now, and eventually, it became my favorite.

In this review, I’ll be sharing some personal thoughts about their services. But before that. Let me introduce them first.