The Easy Way of Changing the Author of Multiple Posts in WordPress

When I started blogging in 2011, I was using a ‘pen name’, or nom de plume instead of the real one. I was blogging just for fun.

I did not expect that my simple Blogger site will get a decent amount of visitors, and by then, I started learning SEO techniques, and eventually learned about transferring over my blogspot site to a self-hosted WordPress site. The pen name that I was using before was carried over during the successful transfer.

A few months ago, I decided to use my real name when publishing articles, until I realized that I have lots of old posts still under ‘Jae Hyuk Lee’. I thought of transferring those posts under my new WordPress profile.

I searched for some articles online that will help me do it. I find lots of articles with the same method discussed which is the traditional edit-per-post. It will take some time for sure if I do it that way because I have almost 500 posts to update. Also, editing something through the hosting server is something risky for me, so I did not bother trying it. Good thing, I found a way to do it in the WordPress administrator dashboard directly.

The purpose of this post is to show everyone the process of changing the author of multiple posts with just a few clicks in the WordPress dashboard, specifically under the Posts tab. it does not matter how many posts need to be updated. In my case, as I have mentioned, I updated almost 500 posts under my pen name, and I was able to accomplish it in just one, or two minutes.

This is how it is done:

Changing the Author of Multiple WordPress Posts

Say, you are already logged in to your WordPress site dashboard. Go to the Posts tab. Click that option in the left-hand corner, and you will be redirected to All Posts page.

Posts tab in WordPress

Now, search for an article you want to change the author. You can use the search box to find one.

Once you find an article, click the author’s name under the corresponding column. WordPress will list all articles by that specific author.

Click the Author's Name, then WordPress will List all Articles by that Specific Author

If you get more than fifty, or a hundred of posts in the results, you can adjust the number of posts to show in a page by clicking on the Screen Options button in the top-right hand corner of the page, then enter a number in the Posts box. For example, 500. Do not forget to click on the Apply button.

Show on Screen

Select all the articles to edit at the same time by ticking the small box beside the Title column. See screenshot below for reference.

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-block”]If you want to edit select articles only, you can tick the box beside each title post.[/fruitful_alert]

Tick the Small Box Beside Title

All posts in the results are now selected. Choose ‘Edit’ in the first drop-down menu, then click on the Apply button. A new set of selections will appear below it.

Bulk Edit Options in WordPress

Click the Author drop-down menu, and select your name on the list, or the name of another author you want to transfer ownership of the articles to. Click the Update button.

Presto! Posts author is now updated.

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