How to Change Post Permalink or URL in Blogger?

Have you ever wondered how to change the URL of your blog post? That is possible with Blogger. You can do it in case you need to improve the SEO of your particular post. Let’s say there are keywords that best suit the permalink of your post based on visitors’ used keywords. Remember,  it has a drawback as well. It’s either the SEO will improve or not. Before you do it, make a keyword research on your own.

1. Log-in to Blogger.
2. Go to Posts – Published
3. Click Edit link provided below the post title.
4. Click Revert to draft beside Update button.

Revert to Draft Blogger
5. Click Permalink in the right hand corner.
6. Tick Custom Permalink
7. Type in the keywords you want to use separated by – word by word.

Make sure to avoid using unnecessary symbols or characters. As much as possible make it short, like 3-5 keywords.8. Click Update once done.

After doing this, you need to understand that it might take a day for Google to crawl the new URL of your post. Expect that hits will decrease eventually. You will be able to recover your average visitors for that particular post depending on the crawl rate. Also, the keywords that you used.

If ever you have visitors who bookmarked the old post URL, they will get 404 error if they re-visit the webpage.

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