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Tip: Changing Country in Play Store Effectively

Time came that I got interested to download an app which is exclusively available in South Korea [sob]. Despite getting an unavailable message on the Play Store repeatedly and since I really wanted it, I eventually found a way to get it by changing my account’s country.

It’s easy, but effectively applying it on the Play Store is a challenge.

Changing country is being done on a Google site. It’s as of writing [link subject to change].

Aside from updating the address especially the country in the settings, I also removed all my local cards on another tab. I just thought it would help in avoiding the system from throwing out errors.

I was able to change the country in my profile, however the region won’t change in Play Store and I’m still getting the local homepage.

I restarted the phone next, cleared Chrome’s cache, connected to a VPN, and the Play Store insisted that the app is not available. Grrr.

It took me at least half an hour to make the app available. The last two things I did were forcing the Play Store to stop, and clearing both its data and cache under Settings > Apps > Play Store. See screenshots below.

Force Stop option under Play Store

Settings > Apps > Google Play Store [Android Marshmallow]

Play Store's Storage & USB setting

Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage & USB

I did these steps after closing out the app. When I re-opened it, it prompted me to do something which I forgot. Prolly, to sign in again, then voila! my Play Store region has changed.

I was able to finally get the music app I want. ❤

P.S. I tried this on my ZenFone Max 3 [Android 6.0 – Marshmallow]. Please take note that options provided here may not be present or exactly the same on other Android devices.

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