Where to Buy DJI Spark Battery

I think like other pilots out there; I felt the need to have an extra battery for my Spark, Max, after a few months of using it.

I’d been to different stores selling the intelligent battery for ₱4,000.00 or so, and it’s quite expensive. Just how did they come up with that price? 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Look at this screenshot. That’s DJI’s price of their Spark’s intelligent battery.

Say, the current exchange rate is at ₱52.00 per dollar currently, I would be paying just ₱2500.00 or so.

Who offers a good rate? Well, DJI Store or Villman in Lazada!

That’s a short unboxing video of my recent purchase of the battery from Villman. They have a competitive rate than of the DJI store.

That’s the price of the battery from Villman currently. Look at the rating! You may save more money with a discount coupon.

I ordered the product on March 18 and it arrived after three days.

Let me just clarify that this ain’t a paid review. With price gouging (maybe?), I would really love to help fellow pilots get a good deal for their Spark.

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