Where to Buy Cherry Credits in the Philippines?

Since Cherry Credits originated abroad, Filipino players somehow are having difficulty looking for a store selling it. Are you one of them? Actually, there are 6 ways available for you to purchase CC. Those are:

1. Through Partner Resellers

If you want to buy physical CC scratch card, then you have the option to drop by to the nearest partner CC resellers (net shops) on your location. So far, there are only a few partner merchants selling it here in the Philippines. Check this web page:


Most CC sellers are located in Manila.

2. Through Level Up Cards

OK, given that CC scratch cards are hard to hunt. Now, you have the option to use Level Up Cards to top up Cherry Credits. Currently, here are the denominations available:

100 Level Up Card – 2,600CC
350 Level Up Card – 9,100CC
500 Level Up Card – 13,000CC
1000 Level Up Card – 26,000CC

If you are going to top-up Cherry Credits using Level Up card, just find LU option under Physical Scratch Card.3. Through Ultimate Game Card (PAYBYCASH) or MOL Points

AFAIK, there are people selling UGC and MOL Points in eBay.ph or Sulit.com. This a great alternative if you know how to use both UGC and MOL Points. Here’s a guide on how to top up Cherry Credits using UGC Card:

As of the moment, I won’t be able to provide a guide on how to top up CC using MOL Points since I haven’t done that personally.


Since most Filipinos aren’t into credit cards, I’m not going to put more emphasis on this one. But then, if you have either of the two, debit or credit card, use it so you’ll be able to get savings. Your card will be charged in PESO as well (not Singaporean dollars). Let’s say PHP700. That’s the exact amount that will reflect on your card statement. Meaning, there’s no  service fee.

Note: Your payment will be processed by WorldPay.

To buy CC using your card, login to your account then from Top up page, click the correct card logo under Credit Cards.

5. PayPal

I haven’t tried this option yet but this is another great alternative for you to top up Cherry Credits. I’m not sure if you’ll get your credits immediately after checkout. As far as I know, most online merchants selling game credits nowadays are strict when it comes to PayPal. They are always evaluating incoming funds. There are some who are even requiring ID for validation. Not really sure with CC’s process though. To avoid hassle, make sure that your PayPal account is verified as well.

6. Loadcentral

There are people selling Cherry Credits in Sulit.com via Loadcentral. Those are discounted. So if you’re eyeing savings, this will be the best option for you. Commonly, the seller will send your Cherry Credits through SMS. You can also find net shops that sell Cherry Credits via Loadcentral like Netopia.

Here’s a guide on how to top up Cherry Credits from Loadcentral:

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