Returned phone from a Grab driver

Here’s How I Got My Lost Phone in a Grab Back

Everyday is a blessed day such as yesterday.

It’s been a week since the day I left my phone in a Grab car. This is not something new to me as I lost countless items since childhood. I funnily told my colleague (my co-rider) of my carelessness and she helped by contacting Grab support via email.

I tried to call and text my number, hoping that someone kind who found it, be it the driver, a random rider or whoever, will take the call or respond to my message.

I gave up and told myself that I deserve another lecture in life. I decided, though half of my brain wants to, not to buy a new phone as a punishment and to continue with the daily grind without a phone.

My officemate surprisingly told me a few days after I lost my phone that she was contacted by Grab support.

On their first attempt, the driver responded and told Grab support that his car was impounded which was then relayed to us.

When I heard the news, I thanked my friend for all the concern and assistance, though I’m not really expecting anything.

I have moved on until…

On the 9th day, it’s now September, my friend during her lunch break in the office messaged me with “good news” on Google Hangout. I can’t guess of anything that would be a good news that time except that my lost phone has been located and it was! OMG.

Grab support team reached out to my friend and gave her the driver’s number. My friend asked me to go down to the pantry so we can arrange the return of my phone with the driver. I wasn’t able to meet my friend, but she, without further ado, contacted the driver for me.

The guy was busy that time which we perfectly understand, but he promised to get in touch.

Surprisingly, after an hour, the driver texted my friend and told her that he’s arriving. We hurriedly went outside the office building and he arrived after two minutes or so.

There he, our previous driver, was in his car and quickly handed me my phone. The driver explained why it took a few days and I just responded with lots of “Thank you”.

To express my gratitude to the driver, I gave him a small token of appreciation. Though he refused, of course, we refused to take it back.

The Grab driver who returned my lost phone

Kudos! to Kuya Edison who made an effort to drive to our office to return my phone.


  1. By Dominique on

    The same thing happened to me today. I lost my phone (iPhone 7) in a Grab car. I have to admit it was my fault for being careless, but boy did I have a taste of human nature today :( I was not as lucky as you. I realised my phone was not with me a few minutes after I was dropped off. I immediately reported the issue using my friend’s phone, and then later Grab replies via email and says:

    “Upon checking with the driver. He told us that there was no left item in his vehicle. We even check with the passenger after you, and they confirmed that they didn’t see anything inside the car.”

    What a load of bullshit!!! If none of them saw the phone, then that just means I’m lying right??? I was so disappointed and hurt by how selfish people can be! Also Grab support was not at “supportive” as they were with you. They only emailed me once to report the above statement plus a load of other copy pasted bullshit, and didn’t bother to further reply, or even just acknowledge my frustrations. Sigh…… :( I’m so, so sad :(


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